Rainy season and precautionary requirements - Health-Teachers

Rainy season and precautionary requirements - Health-Teachers

While the rainy season brings freshness to the faces, this season also requires some caution. During this season, the clouds fill the heart with a feeling of happiness and the person is in a strange state of happiness and joy. The moment-by-moment changing weather conditions sometimes reduce the intensity of heat and sometimes it starts to burn. 

Trees and birds also feel this season as keenly as humans enjoy it. After the rain, the greenery everywhere is pleasing to the eyes and if the wind blows during this time, the swaying branches of the trees cast a strange charm. Along with all this, there is a risk of contracting different types of diseases during the rainy season. 

These include cholera, typhoid, diarrhea,, and diseases caused by mosquitoes and contaminated water. Apart from these, there is a fear of getting cough, cold, cold, asthma, and allergy due to getting wet in the rain. In this season, most caution should be taken in the matter of food and drink. 

First of all, taking care of cleanliness in the house, especially cleaning the kitchen is very important. Wash utensils thoroughly with soap before use. Keep food and drink covered. Eating meat during the rainy season can be harmful. It is better to eat light and easy-to-digest foods instead of oily and spicy foods.

Eating market foods should be avoided. In the rainy season, vinegar, lemon,, and curry syrup should be drunk. It is useful to add green chilies and onions in vinegar. Boil the water and drink it. Hands should be washed thoroughly with soap before eating. Vegetables and fruits should be washed thoroughly and eaten. 

Take extra care of children during the rainy season. Children suffer from diarrhea due to poor diet. Children suffering from diarrhea should be fed ORS (salt water), as their body becomes dehydrated. Feeding ORS is very beneficial, as ORS contains glucose, sodium chloride, sodium nitrite,, and potassium chloride, which compensates for salt deficiency and babies recover quickly. 

Along with this, special attention needs to be paid to the cleanliness of children. Children are more sensitive than us, if they live in a polluted environment, they will be more likely to be attacked by diseases. Therefore, they need to explain the order of food and drink and other matters. 

Eating out of time during this season can be harmful. This does not mean that these precautions are only for children, but their need is as beneficial for people of all ages as it is for children, so everyone in the household should follow these precautions to stay healthy. May you enjoy this season.

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