Rainy weather, diseases and mangoes - Health-Teachers

Rainy weather, diseases and mangoes - Health-Teachers

The rainy season is coming. This beautiful rainy season is very memorable. Every scene of this season is beautiful, for example, the sun playing with the clouds, sometimes the colors of the rainbow on the horizon, sometimes soft. The raindrops are very pleasant. The rainy season is very pleasant.

Everything looks bright. As soon as the summer sprinkles, the soul is refreshed. Every person looks happy. New shoots begin to sprout in the branches of the trees. New desires and aspirations are awakened in the hearts. Children in the rain. It looks damp and noisy, but in this season, sometimes diseases surround the place in such a way that all the fun of the season is lost.

In this green blood, the withered yellow faces and sad eyes of the sick people present a very depressing and sad scene. In the rainy season, there is a strong fear of the spread of various diseases after rains and floods, which can take the form of epidemics.

To control these diseases, it is very important to follow simple and safe measures of general nature. Dangerous diseases such as diseases caused by rains and floods or water-borne diseases, such as malaria, dengue, eye and skin diseases, etc.

Dirty water also spreads diseases, as it contains germs of various diseases. Drinking or using contaminated water mostly causes gastrointestinal diseases, such as cholera, periodic fever, dysentery, and diarrhea. (Diarrhea), indigestion and stomach worms, etc. To avoid these diseases, it is very important to follow the following precautions:
  • Use clean drinking water and, if possible, use boiled water for drinking and cooking during epidemics.
  • Avoid eating rotten fruits and raw vegetables.
  • Wash and cook the vegetables thoroughly.
  • Cover food and beverages to protect them from flies, as flies cause germs of various diseases.
  • Dirty after rains and floods.
  • Water accumulates in the form of ponds and ponds and mosquitoes thrive easily in such places. These mosquitoes bite a person while sleeping or waking and cause malaria fever.
To avoid them, sewage ponds and ponds in your surroundings should be closed with lime or soil, so that mosquitoes cannot breed in these places. There is a great danger of spreading. We must take precautionary measures to avoid skin diseases. People of all ages should take special care of body hygiene.

In the rainy season, there is a higher risk of itching. If the itching occurs in one person, then the itching medicine should be used by all the members of the household. Avoid it, as it can cause germs to take the form of abscesses in the wounds caused by itching. , Sutu, Takhm Malanga, and other cheap drinks, such as False Syrup.

Rainy weather, diseases and mangoes - Health-Teachers

In addition to these drinks, eat more lemons, green peppers, vinegar, onions, garlic, and mint in the rain. It is very good to include onions, vinegar, and green peppers in your lunch.

In the rainy season, mango is the most popular fruit among other types of fruits. Mango comes to the market before the onset of the rainy season. The characteristic of mango is that even if it is lame, it reaches shops and stalls with the onset of summer. It is better not to eat it because mango and rain are inseparable.

The mango that falls from the tree after the rains are sweeter, tastier, and more digestible in taste. Mangoes before the rains generate heat in the body. Although mangoes are a mild and easily digestible fruit, the mangoes that are made by cooking mangoes with carbide acid before the rains cause itching and rashes.

Therefore, if such mangoes are eaten, one should eat eight to ten berries after eating or drinking milk lassi, thus the body gets full nutrition and energy, but it is better that after the rain Eat mangoes that come in the market. Manago available after rains are more delicious to protect against various diseases.
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