Research says Fish and vegetarian people have better memory - Health-Teachers

Research says Fish and vegetarian people have better memory - Health-Teachers

A study has revealed that people who do not eat meat other than fish and eat only vegetables have a better memory than meat eaters. According to a foreign news agency, in a study conducted at Birbeck University in London regarding the effects of diet on memory and sleep quality, researchers have found that a diet consisting purely of fish and vegetables can improve your memory.

Penner Sengel, who led the research, said that eating vegetables instead of meat led to improvements in short-term verbal memory. A diet rich in vegetables is associated with better cardiovascular and mental health.

They added that a Mediterranean diet (high in fruits and vegetables) was associated with reduced risk of neurodegenerative diseases and improved cognitive performance.

For the study, the team of researchers selected 62 people over the age of 40 whose diets consisted of either vegetables, or fish, or they ate both vegetables and meat, but the proportion of meat in their diet was low. There were also individuals whose diet was high in meat consumption.

Previous studies have also revealed several relationships between diet and physical performance. However, the reasons for these relationships have not been clearly identified.
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