Rising noise and our hearing - Health-Teachers

Rising noise and our hearing - Health-Teachers

Sound is beautiful and useful as long as it is balanced. If the sound becomes too loud and random, it takes the form of noise, which is harmful to human nerves and health.

Environmental pollution and prevention measures are widely discussed around the world. Noise is also a major cause of environmental pollution, which is very important for human health to avoid.

The noise began with the invention of metal and its use. After the discovery of copper and the iron, the invention of explosives, and the development of industries increased the noise. Then trains, airplanes, and other inventions of this kind greatly increased the noise on the planet. More noise can lead to hearing loss.

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The growing population has radically changed the course of life.

Rising noise and our hearing - Health-Teachers

It also had a detrimental effect on our health. Traffic jams have become an integral part of life in big cities. With the increasing use of machines in human activities, we are gradually being trapped in a siege of sounds from which it is no longer possible to escape.

The sound of a rickshaw in the middle of the night is appreciated by those whose homes are close to the highways. Without a silencer, the car emits unhealthy smoke in addition to tearing the eardrums. 

This can be gauged from the opinion of experts that the engine noise of an aircraft is initially 110 to 120 decibels (DECIBEL) when it is running, while it is 95 to 100 decibels when the rickshaw is running.

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This example gives a good idea of ​​the noise pollution caused by vehicles that run on the road without a silencer. The sharp and nerve-racking noises in the environment are afflicting human beings with various diseases. 

The flood of noises in densely populated cities, and commercial and industrial centers is destroying human health. If too much loud noise persists for a long time, the inner parts of the ear are severely affected, leading to permanent hearing loss.

Rising noise and our hearing - Health-Teachers

Sound has different effects on different people in different situationsSome people's ears are very sensitive, such people are harmed if they work in a very noisy place even for a short time, while people are not affected even after working in a noisy place for a long time.

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In addition to the constant noise, there is another type of noise, called multiplier noise, such as the sound of a rifle, the sound of a hammer, the sound of an old diesel engine, and the sound of a domestic generator.

It has also been observed that people's hearing is sometimes affected despite leaving a noisy place. In addition, people who work in noisy areas may be more likely to be harmed if they take the drug than normal people.

Noise affects not only human hearing but also other parts of the body. The sleep of such people is affected, they cannot sleep peacefully, and they suffer from various mental illnesses and irritability.

What are the effects of hearing sounds? We can guess from the growing number of sophisticated diseases in society, especially that sound is more effective when it is continuous and fast. Unexpected and sudden loud voices also fall into this category. The loud honking of car horns is an example of this.

Loud noises can lead to hearing loss, nervous tension, and stress, while stress and nervous tension can lead to other physical ailments, including heart disease and gastric ulcers.

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Also includes nasal, ear, and throat diseases. Experts say that there is an increase in the incidence of nose, ear, and throat diseases in the country in general and in big cities in particular.

Rising noise and our hearing - Health-Teachers

According to experts, air and noise pollution is increasing the incidence of nose, ear, and throat diseases. Noise pollution causes deafness. There can be many causes of deafness, such as an illness, a hoarse voice, an explosion, or a loud noise.

Similarly, the constant use of a "Walkman" to listen to music or the constant use of earphones in the ears to listen to mobile phone calls can also lead to hearing impairment.

Experts say that noise pollution, like other pollutants, is harmful to health in every way. Loud noise is causing health problems. The solution to these problems is possible only when people are made aware of the serious effects of loud noises and are provided with basic information.

In this regard, concrete steps should be taken on a large scale, for example, precautionary measures should be taken to avoid mechanical noise in industrial areas. Regulate public and private vehicles.

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Noise pollution has serious human health effects. Avoiding these effects is possible only if concrete steps are taken at the public and governmental levels. Let everyone feel their responsibility. The government should guide the people, while the people should make the reduction of air and noise pollution as much as possible their top priority for their health.

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