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Risk of death from over-covering the newborn - Health-Teachers

Risk of death from excessive coverage of the fetus

Risk of death from over-covering the newborn - Health-Teachers

Experts at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center warn that covering or wrapping babies under one year of age too much, especially in winter, increases their risk of sudden death. Many mothers are not aware that wrapping a newborn in too many clothes can cause heat stress, which is a cause of sudden death.

An unnecessarily covered or swaddled baby can also be prone to infection and increases the risk of sudden death if swaddled in an unsafe manner. Mothers know that the safest way for newborns is to lay them on their backs, but many mothers still put their babies on their faces or sides, even though both of these methods can be dangerous. are

In winter, mothers are very concerned about the health of their newborns, but mothers should avoid wrapping them in too many clothes and blankets. A newborn with a fever needs to expel his body heat. In such a case, if you wrap him in very warm clothes, he may suffer from suffocation. According to experts, mothers should follow the tips given below to protect the newborn from the risk of sudden death.

1: Lay the baby on the back in bed, i.e. face up.

2: Keep the baby's feet close to the foot of the bed, so that there is no possibility of him rolling down.

3: Never cover the mouth or head of newborns, as they release most of their excess heat through the head.

4: Do not sleep with other older children with the baby, as they may crawl on top of the baby during sleep.

5: Premature babies have a high risk of sudden death, so special precautions are very important for them.

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