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Seasonal fruits and your health - Health-Teachers

Seasonal fruits and your health - Health-Teachers


Strawberry season is in full swing these days. Delicious and nutritious fruit is an excellent source of iron and vitamins A, C, and E. It rejuvenates the body by relieving anemia. Controls mental and arterial diseases. It also protects against gum disease.


Rich in vitamins A and C, this fruit contains a large amount of water, so it protects against dehydration.

It protects against carotenoids. Cooling the food makes it more palatable. Produces new blood by removing heat from the body. It should be used in extreme heat for the best benefits.


Mango, also known as the king of fruits, is a common favorite fruit.
Which is used fondly in both raw and cooked forms. Mangoes are used in many ways for pickles, sauces, jams, milkshakes, and juices.

This king of fruits is powerful, anti-cancer as well as has the properties of iron, beta carotene, and vitamins C and E. It improves the digestive system by removing gastric acidity and is extremely beneficial for the eyes.


As summer approaches, Phalsa is a desirable summer fruit and every favorite fruit. This fruit is so sour and sweet that everyone eats it with a great relish. It is rich in vitamins B and C. Iron and salts are the main nutrients.

Its syrup is best for protection against heat stroke. Phalsa relieves high blood pressure, anxiety, and restlessness. This fruit is also very useful for the stomach and liver. This is an important summer gift so be sure to use it.

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