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See Brain-licking diseases - Health-Teachers

See Brain-licking diseases - Health-Teachers

Millions of people in the world are suffering from mental, mental, neurological, and psychological diseases. Despite the claims of reduction in the poverty rate and all-around development, the ever-increasing number of such people has become disturbing to such an extent that every year the World Conference on Mental Illnesses is held to raise awareness of the prevention of these diseases. The day is celebrated.

A large population of the world is suffering from some kind of mental illness, in which a large number of patients are suffering from depression, Alzheimer's, dementia, and epilepsy, while in mental diseases such as schizophrenia (disorganized mental) The number of people arrested is also increasing.

There is no accurate data on these patients in Pakistan because the survey of such people is possible if they, their families, or loved ones contact specialists and physicians or centers, however, psychiatrists in Pakistan agree. That the number of such patients in the country has reached the same level as the number of patients in western countries.

Apart from the cities, a large number of mental patients due to the frequent incidents of violence in the villages of Pakistan is proof of this. Due to the economic, social, and moral problems faced in big cities like Karachi and the difficulties created by them, the number of such people is constantly increasing. The attraction of the young generation towards crime and the desire to migrate to foreign countries has made their old parents suffer from severe mental anguish.

Rising awareness of inflation, unemployment, murder, looting, suicide, substandard education, degradation of talent, rape, homosexuality, increasing degradation of moral and religious values, unequal treatment, nihilism, justice Lack of supply, bribery, alcoholism, and lack of proper leadership among these problems have made the young generation suffer from mental disorders.

The modern style of snobbery, the false pretensions of luxurious life, and the thoughts and actions of "what is in the hand of the man who grows up" have destroyed the mind and consciences of the new generation. In the British era (1912), the first law was enacted in the field of mental illness.

Over a long period, the above-mentioned problems have become more complicated, but the same limited and inadequate law is being resorted to in Pakistan to deal with them.
Since 1962, modern law has been felt to replace it, but the existing barren system is a major obstacle.

How will these systems be abolished and who will do it? In rural areas, mental and psychological patients are declared to be intoxicated and left at the mercy of a shrine or some other person. Apart from the lack of awareness, one of the main reasons for this is the lack of qualified psychologists in the country.

The number of mental hospitals in the whole country is also very less. Humans and rights are being violated every day in society. Who will create civilization and awareness in this society? Is this responsibility of government institutions or social organizations? Our teachers are responsible for it? After all, who is there to accept this responsibility? Forget all the problems for a while and take only the health problem.

How do get good health?

What factors are important for good health? What is the importance of good health in society? Should pure foods be eaten for good health? But which food is pure in this society and where is it found? In every developed country people's health, life and property are protected and good health means good mental health, but are we mentally healthy? No one may have an answer to this question.

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