Skin symptoms that should prompt immediate medical attention - Health-Teachers

Skin symptoms that should prompt immediate medical attention - Health-Teachers

Listed below are some of the skin-related symptoms that should be seen and should be seen immediately by a doctor.

Dry, chapped skin or lips:
According to Dr. Roshni Raj, assistant professor at New York University School of Medicine, dry or chapped lips or skin is a warning sign of dehydration. It can also indicate a more serious problem that affects sweat gland function, such as hypothyroidism (insufficient thyroid hormone levels) or diabetes.

Dr. Malika Marshall of Massachusetts General Hospital said that pale skin is a sign of anemia. Yellow color indicates liver disease, while blue lips and nails can be a sign of heart or lung disease.

Rashes and Rashes:
Dr. Roshni Raj says that some digestive problems also show up on the skin. Clusters of red spots may indicate celiac disease. On the other hand, a 'butterfly-shaped rash on the cheekbones and above the nose can be a sign of lupus (an autoimmune disease). Allergies, eczema, and certain infections also cause itching on the face.

Eye swelling:
Congested and tired eyes can indicate a chronic allergic condition, which dilates the blood vessels and causes them to leak. This condition causes swelling and a dark purple color in the sensitive skin under the eyes.
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