Strong and clean teeth with a toothbrush - Miswak - Health-Teachers

Strong and clean teeth with a toothbrush - Miswak - Health-Teachers

You are a regular contributor to the South African Medical Journal. About two decades ago, an article was published in it entitled "Miswaki" about the medical benefits of Miswak.

It acknowledged that toothbrushes protect against dental problems. In the past, people who used toothbrushes abandoned them in comparison to modern man jeans, instead of improving the health of the gums, teeth, and mouth.

Man has been using soft, fresh, and dry twigs of various trees for centuries for dental health and hygiene. Thick as a thumb and 15 to 20 centimeters long, these twigs were used by the people of Babylon and Venezuela 7,000 years ago. The use of a toothbrush is a Sunnah of Ibrahim (as), so it is still used in Islamic society.

The use of toothbrushes has been used in Pakistan and India since ancient times. Neem, acacia, and walnut twigs are widely used for this purpose. Lemon and orange twigs are used for this purpose in West Africa. It was used in the subcontinent even before the advent of Islam and is still widely used today, at least in rural areas, under the name "Datun".

In ancient Arabia, the yellow toothbrush was used. This process continues today. In the Middle East, it is known as "Faki". In African countries, cane shoots are also used for this purpose.

Pello is called "Arak" in Arabic and was introduced by Spanish conquerors in South America. Called the Toothbrush Tree, it is found in India, Pakistan, Syria, Nigeria, Senegal, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia.
It is basically a warm climate tree. At most 3 meters high, this tree thrives in saline or saline soils.

Yellow is tree-free from toxic effects. In some areas, its thick leaves are eaten as a salad. Camels and goats love to eat it. The milk of camels that eat its leaves is considered very useful. The Arabs consider it nutritious and a cure for many ailments.

The roots and twigs of this tree are used as toothpaste. According to herbalists, the toothbrush is very useful for healthy combustion. Modern medicine finds it useful in the light of its research. The South African Journal also described it as useful in treating anemia. This anemia is more common in black people and affects the kidneys more.

The Sunnah of the Prophet

Strong and clean teeth with a toothbrush - Miswak - Health-Teachers

The Holy Prophet used to arrange masak before every prayer. Its importance can also be gauged from the fact that you used a toothbrush when you left the world. That is why the use of toothbrushes is common in the Islamic world. The toothbrush cleans teeth and gums and mouth better. Its soft fibers clean the tongue and teeth better.

This causes the saliva to build up and the food particles trapped in the teeth are easily expelled. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said that it is useful to use a toothbrush after eating greasy foods because it does not accumulate grease on the teeth and it stops the growth of germs in the mouth.

Medical benefits

Strong and clean teeth with a toothbrush - Miswak - Health-Teachers

Medically, the useful ingredients in the toothpick remove the inflammation. It clears mucus, opens pores, and removes the foul odor. Its root (toothbrush cleans teeth and keeps gums strong).
For the first time in Pakistan, Hamdard has introduced toothpaste containing its ingredients.

This toothpaste is very popular among modern lovers. Toothpaste with this ingredient or other trade names containing Pelo ingredients is being manufactured in India, Indonesia, Egypt, Switzerland, Japan, and Saudi Arabia.

Recent research

Strong and clean teeth with a toothbrush - Miswak - Health-Teachers

According to the latest research, Pello's toothbrush can kill germs. It contains chloride, fluoride, mineral salts, silage, sulfur, tannins, sterols, and vitamin C (Vitamin C), especially to strengthen the gums and mouth fibers and protect them from diseases.

Today, as inflation has made toothpaste more expensive than other items, the use of toothbrushes is not only cheaper but also more effective and useful.

Sugar cola drinks, especially drinks and overeating of meat, ghee, and sweets, can be used to treat gingivitis, toothache, and sore throat. Pelo also has a throat-clearing feature.

Its soft fibers not only make gums easier to clean but also enhance the shine of teeth by polishing them. Those who use it regularly can easily chew hard foods even in old age due to their strong and shiny teeth.
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