Summer walking exercise - Health-Teachers

Summer walking exercise - Health-Teachers

Exercise is as important to life as air, water, and food. It provides physical and cardiovascular relief. Exercise should be done daily. It is needed every season.

The use of ice is common in summer. Sheltered in air-conditioned rooms to cope with the heat, but never mind that your body gets tired and overweight due to lack of exercise this season.

Blood pressure rises, and the heartbeat and its speed are disturbed. You need to exercise to cope with this situation and summer. In this season, in addition to para, walking exercise is very useful in the cold time of the morning. This exercise gives great relief to the body. Sweating removes heat.

The leaves eliminate the discomfort and helplessness caused by the body. According to experts, we use our muscles during exercise, which raises the body temperature. The body tries to get rid of it. Sensitive nerve centers in our nervous system alert the brain to this state of the body, that is, excess heat.
As soon as these messages are received, the brain provides this information to the different acquisitions of our skin. This process of heat dissipation increases the thin surface of the water, which spreads the sweat glands in the skin throughout the body. When this water, ie sweat, dries up, the temperature also drops.


Summer walking exercise - Health-Teachers

Not everyone has the same sweating ability. The healthier and more energetic you are, the more sweat will be excreted because the heat-regulating centers inside our body try to work better.

Undoubtedly, age also plays a role in sweating, but according to experts, this system does not slow down due to aging, but rather due to poor health.
Despite the increase in age, if the health is good and stable, then this system also remains alert and active. If the weak and unhealthy people sweat, it is a sign that their body is warmer than usual and the body has to work hard to keep itself cool.

This effort puts pressure on the cardiovascular system, but if these same people increase health and energy, the body's cooling system will also be stabilized and the excess heat will be released quickly to protect the heart and arteries from unnecessary pressure. Keeps


Summer walking exercise - Health-Teachers

Another reason for the decrease in the excretion of sweat from the body is the decrease in the amount of water in the body. As soon as dehydration appears, the body slows down the release of sweat, which increases the body's internal temperature.
Discomfort caused by heat shows three types of conditions in the disease. Muscle cramps are caused by heat. This is actually an indication that the body is deficient in water and salt.

Fatigue caused by heat causes headaches. The patient talks nonsense. Weakness, dizziness, and irritability are prominent. Complaints of loneliness are very serious. There is also a risk of death. This condition occurs when the internal body temperature rises above 101 


Summer walking exercise - Health-Teachers

The effort should be made so that it is not the turn of Lulgane.
Walking in hot weather is important to maintain your body's ability to sweat.


Summer walking exercise - Health-Teachers

The best time to walk is before sunrise. At that time there is confinement, but there is no heat, so leave the Fajr prayers and walked away. One way is to at least take the path where the trees are planted. If the sun comes out, walk in the shade and absorb the oxygen from the trees.
In case of any illness, consult your doctor before starting this exercise. If you are accustomed to this exercise, then walking should not be a problem even in summer. On hot days, keep speed and distance short. Start walking slowly and as soon as the fatigue becomes noticeable, come back home a little cheaper.

In the scorching heat, thirst still persists. Be sure to drink a glass before walking and bring a bottle of cold water with you. Continue to drink a glass of water every fifteen minutes while walking to restore breathing. 
It is also not advisable to drink too much water when leaving the house, as this may require urination while walking. The body excretes excess water through the kidneys. The color of the urine should be considered to determine if you are dehydrated. 

A very dark complexion is a sign that the body is dehydrated. It would also be appropriate to point out that vitamin B (vitamin B) and some other drugs also cause yellowing of the urine, in which case it should not be considered a sign of dehydration.

In the case of keeping the body cool, while walking in extreme heat and dry air, it is also advisable to soak and squeeze the cotton vest or shirt, etc., and wear it. At the same time, your sweat glands must keep working, so don't forget to drink water.
In summer, cotton cloth is the safest and most comfortable. Cotton clothing provides complete protection to the body while walking.

According to research done in Japan, the sweat glands on our backs keep the body wet in all seasons. In summer, sweat is also found on the chest, neck, and hands.
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