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Take medicine as per doctor's advice - Health-Teachers

Take medicine as per doctor's advice - Health-Teachers

A drug that benefits your uncle, aunt, brother, or friend may not necessarily benefit you. The symptoms of the same disease can be different. The physician prescribes the medicine only after considering these symptoms. The medicine of a common and minor disease can also be different because only the doctor can estimate the stage of the disease.

At that time, if you become a doctor yourself and you prescribe medicine for yourself, there is a possibility that your disease will increase and get worse. The medicine that you have prescribed for yourself may start to have side effects on your body or may cause some other diseases. Thus, the complications of self-treatment increase.

There are currently thousands of medicines registered in Pakistan. Many of these drugs have similar names, but their chemical properties differ from each other.

A common person can be fooled by their names. While buying medicine from a medical store, make sure that the name of the medicine that is being given to you is also written on the doctor's prescription. There are also some medicines, which cancel out the effect of other medicines or increase the effect.

In such a case, the dosage of the new medicine should be exactly appropriate, this can only be done by a physician. Some drugs affect the fetus and mother during pregnancy, which can result in the loss of the baby and serious harm to the mother. Some drugs remain in the body and their effects last for weeks, if not months. Their adverse effects neutralize other drugs.

Only a specialist doctor can inform you about the side effects of these medicines and also tell you how to deal with them. Many people take more medicine than prescribed by the doctor in the hope of getting well soon.

Take medicine as per doctor's advice - Health-Teachers

These drugs pass through the liver and kidneys. When we take medicine in excess, it affects the liver and kidneys, they cannot perform their function properly and they get damaged.
Sometimes they stop working, so follow the diet your doctor prescribes for you.

If you are not satisfied with the effectiveness and benefit of the medicines prescribed for you by the doctor and you wish to change them, then consult the doctor, because some medicines are such that when they are taken continuously for a long time. If eaten for, then they give benefits.

People working at medical stores are not well educated or experienced enough to prescribe any medicine for you. They may even give you medicine after listening to your complaint, which will do more harm than good because they do not know your physical condition and are not aware of your family history. How long has this disease been running in your family and how should it be treated?

Medical store workers may be able to give you a similar name when they don't have the drug you want. So, buy medicine from a medical store without a doctor's prescription. Even if you buy medicine from a medical store, it is important to consult a doctor. Medicines for diseases that are bought without a doctor's prescription in Pakistan include fever, cold, and rash.

It is not right to do so. And it can cause complications. Externally applied drugs can be just as harmful as ingested drugs if administered inappropriately or unnecessarily. Applying those externally applied homemade medicines without consulting a physician can cause skin irritation and infection.

Medicines should not be given to children at all without consulting a doctor, as their digestive system is weakened and their muscles are easily affected. Keep medicines in clear plastic containers in your home.

They should be at a suitable temperature and should be kept out of the reach of children. Children should not be allowed to self-administer medicine from vials or packets. Give them medicine under your supervision.

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