Ten Point Health Manifesto - Health-Teachers

Ten Point Health Manifesto - Health-Teachers

1. Work up a sweat

To better digest the food you eat, you must take good care of your body. Due to purposeful running and physical performance and activity, your food will be digested and most of its units will be broken down. You work so much that you start sweating. You will get a pleasant feeling of satisfaction while working and after working.

2. Reduce the amount of food but eat something every three hours

You should double your total amount of food from morning to evening but also arrange that you eat six times instead of three. Change your diet significantly each time.

Prepare a week and chart based on raw and semi-cooked vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, salad biscuits, eggs, meat, fish, pulses, grains, and all kinds of food so that you can get better "nutrition".

In this chart, you should prioritize foods based on essential vitamins and proteins for your body so that you always have the required amount of energy.

3. Express your feelings and emotions openly

Ten Point Health Manifesto - Health-Teachers

You should not take your face and behavior seriously so that neither other people will be intimidated by your "intellectuality" nor will you benefit in any way.

What should you do openly about your heart, physical and mental conditions, emotions, and feelings? Your tongue and face should reveal the state of your heart and mind.

This is the true, true and pure strategy. Your family, friends, relatives, and partners will be equal participants in your every happiness and sorrow. You will really feel how close they are to you and that you are not "alone".

4. Enhance your beauty

Enhance your aesthetic sense of style and taste and reflect it through your actions, behavior, and behavior. Aesthetic impression in your personality, clothes, home office, and entire environment will keep your mind, and heart, fresh and happy all the time.

You will start enjoying life properly. Seeing your sophistication, excellence, politeness, courtesy, manners, and manners, people will become jealous of you, and they will become close to you. A sense of pride and satisfaction will begin to arise within you and you will feel a spiritual joy.

5. Create regularity in walks, exercise, and recreation

Exercise and walk in the morning, walk and some entertainment in the evening, you should include these four activities regularly in your routine life and strictly observe the daily routine.

Thanks to these useful activities, you will not only be physically fit, but you will also be happy, satisfied, and refreshed mentally and emotionally. Each of your meals will be digested better and you will start sleeping soundly.

New hope will arise in you, your creative power will be ignited and the positive side will prevail in your thoughts.

6. Actively participate in activities like singing, music, and dancing

Ten Point Health Manifesto - Health-Teachers

You must be related to fine arts or useful arts. Take a practical interest in subtle and beautiful pursuits such as painting, painting, singing, and music. These recreational and cultural activities will not only increase the state of peace, serenity, and tranquility in your mind, but you will also feel full of agility and happiness physically.

This hobby will have a happy effect on your financial performance throughout the day. The element of breadth and enlightenment will return to your way of thinking.

7. Take long breaths of fresh air

Just as a motor car runs on petrol, a human lives on oxygen. Thankfully, nature has given us fresh oxygenated air "for free". As a thank, you to nature, make it your mandatory routine to take deep breaths in the open air every morning for at least fifteen minutes.

With this process, not only your respiratory system will be correct but all the systems of the body will continue to work better, and also your mind will feel refreshed throughout the day. During the rest of the day, whenever you get a chance, do this for five minutes.

8. Put a smile on your face

Ten Point Health Manifesto - Health-Teachers
Almighty God has created you beautifully with great wisdom.
In what proportion has he endowed all the organs with perfect faculties in your curse. If you put a smile on your face to make yourself more attractive, you will get countless benefits. The world curses, even more, the expressionless, spotty, bewildered face.

True contentment lies in the act of being happy in the world, absorbing happiness, and sharing your happiness with others. In this regard, the first step and lesson are that you learn to put on at least an artificial smile on your face, and surely many problems will be solved.

9. Do something remarkable creatively with your mind

Just as every plant in the garden is blooming, every flower is waving happily in the pride of its beauty, color, design, and fragrance. Do something creative in your free time every week.

Your research and creative work may become popular as a useful project for the world and due to this your achievement will get the status of a historical monument and innovative masterpiece.

When you are engaged in a creative activity, many happy changes will take place in your body and mind and you will find a mysterious feeling of happiness, peace, joy, and freshness which will be a pleasant experience for you.

10. Be hopeful for every "tomorrow" to come

Ten Point Health Manifesto - Health-Teachers

Thanks to Almighty God for keeping us unaware of the "Awareness of Circumstances and Events" of tomorrow. This "ignorance" is actually a treasure of "goodness and well-being and contentment" and is a beautiful excuse to get rid of all fears and anxieties.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning
Albert Einstein

Have a good, bright and happy hope for every "tomorrow" to come, because of this hope, not only your "today" will be very happy, but your "happy understanding and good faith" will be real for the coming tomorrow.

There is a solid guarantee of happiness. If you spend your "today" day with happiness, then every "yesterday" of your past will also become a treasure of good memories.
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