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The artificial eye can illuminate the lives of millions of people - Health-Teachers

The artificial eye can illuminate the lives of millions of people - Health-Teachers

Research published in the Journal of the Academy of Sciences says that experts believe that the new artificial eye will radically change the lives of many people. Dr. Sheila Nerenberg of Cornell University in New York, who is leading the research, says that using basalt cells improves eye function in the same way that a picture becomes clearer by adding lotion.

Medical scientists around the world have been trying for a long time to find a cure for this vision disease in which the patient gradually loses his sight completely. The disease destroys the cells that sense the light of the visual cortex.

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While the neural connection between the eye and the brain is maintained. As a result of this disease, there are about 20 million people around the world who have either lost their sight or their lives are gradually getting darker.

Scientists hope that putting artificial blindfolds in these patients will restore their structure. Experts say that just raising the resolution is not enough to see. The main task is to convert light waves into messages that the brain can read.

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This aspect has been taken into account in the new artificial eye. Scientists say that putting an artificial visual veil in the eye of a blind rat has opened the way to bring light into the lives of millions of human beings after 90% of its structure has returned.


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