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The main cause of environmental pollution is mental pollution - Health-Teachers

The main cause of environmental pollution is mental pollution - Health-Teachers

Today, progress in the world seems to be singing the praises of human greatness and nobility. On the one hand, today's era is saddened by scientific progress, on the other hand, it seems to be suffering from the degradation of the basic values ​​of humanity. If it has been made, on the other hand, it has increased the same number of difficulties for human life.

On top of this, the chemical, physical, biological, and botanical changes in the fields of life have given the human race its goals, but if this topic is considered intelligently, human development has affected its own environment. has had devastating effects. The meaning of development depends on human thinking.

If the use of excessive fertilizers and toxic pesticides on crops is ensuring the availability of food for future generations, then the word development must be defined, but one must also think that in the cycle of increasing our resources. What are you missing?

Among the leading factors that cause environmental pollution are deforestation, unnecessary expansion of cities, and excessive use of agricultural drugs. Under these factors, the results of environmental pollution are coming in the form of global warming and fatal diseases.

Deforestation: Since the natural beauty of the universe, the natural balance of the chirped bird is being disturbed and their natural habitat is being destroyed, although this chair and bird play the role of a very friendly crop.

Pakistan is primarily an agricultural country, and the surprising results of agricultural drugs are in place, but the problems arising from the indiscriminate use of these drugs are creating a new crisis for human health.

Metals added in are polluting the earth. In which lead, mercury, and cadmium are on top. The use of sewage water in crops is spreading pollution, and when this water becomes part of fruits and vegetables, it has devastating adverse effects on human health.

The development of science has given rise to many pollutions, including land pollution, air pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution, but the cause of all these pollutions is another pollution, which is called mental pollution. There is no calculation method available or statistical. But the amount of damage this human pollution has caused to humanity is irreparable.

The main cause of environmental pollution is mental pollution - Health-Teachers

Everything that has come into existence has first passed through the windows of human thought. The problems we are facing today are the result of man's selfish interests and self-centered thinking. Even if we propose solutions to all the pollution today, they will not fit into the mold of reality until the curtains of mental pollution are closed.

It is necessary that we play our role in the elimination of mental pollution along with our environment and pay attention to the human role in environmental pollution and socially ensure that human development is implemented in this way. That mankind should be seen as a supporter of mankind so that the journey of humanity can be completed successfully.

The eradication of environmental pollution is impossible until mental pollution is uprooted. Human thinking needs to be brought to the point that it does not do any act for its own personal benefit that harms other people but prefers the social benefit.

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