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The summer season can kill you - Health-Teachers

The summer season can kill you - Health-Teachers

If effective measures are not taken, summer can cause many diseases and can be fatal. Diseases like nausea, loss of appetite, vinegar pain, yellow fever, nervousness, nausea, typhoid, diarrhea, etc. occur in this season. In summer, instead of cola drinks, drink milk or curd lassi, bazuri, sandalwood, false, null fur syrup, and lemon water.

You should eat fresh fruit and meat. It is useful to eat home-cooked food instead of ready-made foods from the market. Do not go out of the house in the strong sun. And put a cloth on the neck and go out. It is better to wear cotton clothes this season. Take special care of physical cleanliness. The polluted water that is available nowadays should always be boiled well and drunk.

Take special care in eating certain fruits such as watermelon, watermelon, and cucumber. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables and wash them thoroughly. Do not eat rotten or pre-cut fruits. Do not eat at all. Always eat food fresh and with hunger, because a little carelessness can cause you diarrhea, and cholera.

In this season, due to excessive sweating and other reasons, there is a lack of salts and vitamins in the body, so to meet this deficiency, it is very useful to drink skanjabin mixed with lemon salt. Likewise, vinegar is the best to remove most of the diseases of this season. Remedy. Eating onion soaked in vinegar is useful to prevent cholera. Vinegar cleans the blood and prevents boils.

It quenches thirst. Keeps the body temperature moderate. Digests food quickly. Besides, it helps in the excretion of irregular and impure substances from the body. If care is taken in choosing and eating foods and hygiene If the rules are followed, surely we can be protected from the deadly diseases caused by summer.

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