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There are many disadvantages of smoking - Health-Teachers

There are many disadvantages of smoking - Health-Teachers

Smoking more cigarettes can make you look old before your time. This makes the human skin rough and pale. There are 4,000 such harmful chemicals in tobacco cigarettes, which cause wrinkles on the skin and make the skin sag. Elastin in the skin is so damaged by smoking that wrinkles and bumps appear around the lips.

This causes dark spots, wrinkles, and pimples to appear on the face from time to time. A person who smokes a lot often has teeth that look yellow even after brushing. This not only makes the teeth look bad, but black tar accumulates in the jaws and roots of the teeth, which makes them very weak.

This causes the nails and hair to become very damaged. Nails become discolored and rough. But by quitting smoking, the nails become normal again.

Hair loss is a natural process of every human being with increasing age. But people who smoke cigarettes have more hair loss. This leads to psoriasis on the knees and elbows and keeps them scratching. It not only destroys the lungs but also has harmful effects on the bones.

Bones become hollow and are not as strong as before. The bone disease osteoporosis is also increased by smoking. Due to this, the person starts to sit bent when it can come out. Due to weak bones, the person may have more fractures. A person who has been smoking for four or five years can be at risk even with a light stumble if the fall did not happen to him before because now the bones are hollow and can break easily.

Because the coronary artery can be blocked, it can lead to a heart attack. Smoking is very harmful to heart patients. This causes the blood to thicken and can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. For an athlete, smoking can destroy his career because it causes shortness of breath and reduces a person's stamina.

There are many disadvantages of smoking - Health-Teachers

When the blood thickens, its circulation is also affected and this is very bad for an athlete. Women who smoke are not only affected by their skin and genitals but their chances of becoming a mother are reduced. This makes it difficult for a woman to conceive. There is a high chance of the child being lost and even if the child is born, it is not very healthy like the others but it is less weight than normal children.
Smoking can cause a person to develop lung cancer and according to research, nine out of every ten patients who are diagnosed with lung cancer are smokers. That is, ninety percent of lung cancer patients are addicted to smoking. A person who smokes is always afraid of pneumonia. Like any addiction, smoking addiction is very easy to get rid of, it just requires strong willpower and engaging yourself in positive activities.

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