Today we know about Shoulder pain - Health-Teachers

Today we know about Shoulder pain - Health-Teachers

Shoulder or shoulder pain is a common problem. This pain usually lasts for a short time. And the necessary gout is due to arthritis. The shoulder is a very active organ of our body and the muscles called "rotator cuff" play a very important role in its movement. If there is a defect in these muscles, various problems start to appear in the shoulder.

Every shoulder pain is not caused by a problem in the shoulder joint, however, when there is pain due to joint pain, it is most often felt in the front of the shoulder or in the upper part of the arm. This pain is then felt in the elbow below the arm, but if the pain extends below the elbow or feels like a sting, it is likely related to a problem in the neck.

Pain in the shoulder joint is often caused by inflammation of the nerves and fibers. Gonorrhea in the shoulder is not common.
There are different types of shoulder problems. It is more common to move and use the shoulder to cause pain. Consideration should be given to what kind of movement causes pain and how to move it less or more.

That way you can better guess what the real problem is. It is common to avoid pain if the shoulder is not moved, however, patients with shoulder pain during sleep at night have significant problems and many people cannot lie down on the shoulder, which I'm in pain. They also often need support to get out of bed.
There is no need to see a doctor immediately if the shoulder pain is not severe or due to an injury.
Today we know about Shoulder pain - Health-Teachers
Use painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs in the beginning, but if they do not get better in a few days, consult a doctor. One important thing to do in this regard is to try to strike a balance between moving and relaxing your shoulder so that it does not stiffen.

The best exercise for shoulder pain is to stand near the table with your right hand, stand near the table with your right hand, spread the table, and let go of the other hand that is in pain.
Move this hand back and forth like a pendulum of a clock and then move it in a circle. Another exercise is to lift the aching hand with your right hand.

Avoid moving the shoulder or arm in a way that makes the pain feel too much, especially taking care not to move the painful hand in such a way that it is too far away from the body and above the shoulder.

When raising this hand, make sure your elbow is bent and in front of the body. The second thing is that when the hand reaches up, the palm should be towards the ceiling and the elbow should be bent while bringing the hand down.

Also, take care of your posture. The patient's heart will want to lean forward and the painful arm will cling to his body, but this will increase the pain, especially if the pain has something to do with the neck.

When the patient is sitting, he should place a pillow on the back of the lower back and place his hand on the cushion in his lap. Some people find comfort in holding and pressing a cushion or folded towel under their armpits.
Today we know about Shoulder pain - Health-Teachers
Sleeping on a sore shoulder would increase the discomfort. Repeat a pillow in front of the body and rest your arms on it. Place a thick satchel behind your back, so that you do not lie on your shoulders while sleeping. If you want to sleep on your back, put a pillow or two under the sore shoulder and arm.

If this problem persists for weeks, consult a physician who will prescribe the necessary tests and treatment. A frozen shoulder is also a problem of shoulder.

This discomfort occurs when the tissues around the shoulder joint become stiff and the shoulder becomes difficult to move. This condition can happen at any time, but it often happens after an injury. Even after a stroke, there may be a "frozen shoulder" and people with diabetes are more likely to have it.

This condition usually lasts for one and a half to two years and treatment does not reduce this period. The main purpose of treatment is to reduce the severity of the pain and allow your shoulder to move normally once the pain is gone. This pain usually gets worse at night and you often have to take painkillers for relief.

Once the "frozen shoulder" pain has subsided, it is important to restore Toshana's routine. You may need to have physiotherapy for this. Our shoulders, shoulders, and arms are very active organs, so they are more prone to injury and pain, but they have a lower risk of severe gout.
Most shoulder pain is cured by resting for a few days. And the common medicine prescribed by the doctor helps, but exercise is very important to prevent constipation. If this is the case then maybe the doctor can think about vaccinations, physiotherapy, and sometimes surgery.
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