Today we know about What is Appendix? Health-Teachers

Today we know about What is Appendix? Health-Teachers

Acute appendicitis pain makes a person's life two full. Most people are afraid of this pain and in case of pain they do not delay in getting the appendix operation. Now, a new study has revealed that the appendix, which was dismissed by doctors for a long time, is very useful and contains a large amount of beneficial bacteria for the body.

The appendix is ​​located at the junction of the large and small intestine in humans and its average length is 9 cm. But it can also be from two to twenty centimeters. The poor appendix is ​​the most surgically removed organ worldwide after cecal surgery. This is because it causes inflammation and increases the risk of appendix rupture.

But according to experts, the appendix is ​​now a hotbed of beneficial bacteria for the body, which have beneficial effects on the entire human being. According to experts, the appendix is ​​like a small bag that contains lymph tissue. We know that more than 500 mammals besides humans have an appendix, among which rabbits and monkeys are notable.

So far, experts have been unable to give a reasonable reason for this. Dr. Heather Smith, of the Erwesna College of Osteopathic Medicine, studied 533 mammals with appendices and noted changes in the appendix over time, but none disappeared.

According to Dr. Smith, it contains lymph tissue that supports the body's immune system. Thus, the appendix is ​​the most important storehouse of bacteria and plays an important role in keeping a person healthy.
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