Traumatic dental treatment - Health-Teachers

Traumatic dental treatment - Health-Teachers

Teeth are not only important in the beauty of the face but also guarantee good health. They are considered to be very sensitive in their care because lack of interest in dental care and cleaning becomes life threatening. Teeth and gums are inseparable.

If your mouth is not cleansed of bacteria, not only will your teeth and gums be damaged, but your body will also be infected, which can lead to various diseases. New research and treatments have been discovered to prevent better dental infections. A new treatment has recently been discovered.

This will lead to further progress in the prevention of many dental diseases and the root canal will soon become a thing of the past. Experts at the University of Nottingham have discovered a new treatment for replacing damaged or sterile dental tissue with a yarrow canal. Under this treatment, the damaged teeth of the patients will be cured with the help of stem cells.

In the current situation, millions of people have to go through the painful phase of the root canal every year before dental diseases or surgery.
Traumatic dental treatment - Health-Teachers

But this treatment will not be painful and stem cells will work to repair and restore the inside of the teeth. According to experts, "currently tooth filling is painful and damages the cells. And it often doesn't even match the fibers inside the teeth.

They have now developed synergistic biomaterials similar to dentin filling but can be attached directly to the fibers to stimulate stem cells, making it easier to fix the defect. These materials will be more effective and better and the patient will not have any discomfort during the treatment.
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