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Turmeric, Garlic And Red Pepper Are Also Useful For Health - Health-Teachers

Turmeric, Garlic And Red Pepper Are Also Useful For Health - Health-Teachers

A recent article in the England Journal of Medicine confirms that our traditional values ​​cannot be taken for granted. Our grandmothers still have a better understanding than we do.

In the Indian subcontinent, our grandmothers understood medical matters and their complications. She used to tell us the immediate solution to our problems according to her understanding and wisdom.

What she used to say to prevent diseases was usually called "tips". These fragments have reached us through generations. Turmeric was very important in my grandmother's pharmacy. Experiments have shown that turmeric cures inflammation. It is also an anti-infective. Whether applied to the body or eaten, it is beneficial for arthritis and pain.

It is also an excellent treatment for insomnia. If you do not like eating turmeric and you suffer from insomnia, set aside sleeping pills and drink only a glass of warm milk. Milk naturally contains a protein called tryptophan. It is not a narcotic protein and does not cause any harm but it does bring sleep.

So when babies are breastfed, they fall asleep a little later. Garlic is good for heart disease. Eating gambling lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and raises good cholesterol (HDL).

Eating garlic also keeps blood pressure normal. Whether it is cooked or eaten raw, it keeps the blood flowing and does not allow the blood to get tired.

In addition to garlic and turmeric, there are many benefits to eating raw or cooked red pepper. It also contains a useful ingredient, capsaicin. That is why it does not cause fatigue in the blood, that is why eating red chilies does not bring heart diseases closer. As if red pepper is also healthy.

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