Useful drinks to cleanse the body of toxins - Health-Teachers

Useful drinks to cleanse the body of toxins - Health-Teachers

Lemon juice

Take two tablespoons of lemon juice, two tablespoons of maple juice, and one-tenth of a teaspoon, put it in eight ounces of water and dissolve it and drink it. By using it, your body will be free from toxic substances.

Green drink

Grind three carrots, two red radishes, a little spinach, cabbage, onion, ginger, and garlic well and then mix it with water and drink it. Be sure to use this drink once a week.

Celery and Ginger Coffee

Take one teaspoon of celery, 20 grams of chopped ginger and one teaspoon of fennel. Boil all the ingredients in two cups of water and keep boiling till one cup is left.

Drinking this coffee every day keeps the body light. If you have a problem with high blood pressure, reduce its use.

Different fruit juices

Take eight ounces of orange juice, four ounces of water, half a cup of yogurt or strawberry banana, a piece of ginger, a clove of garlic, a spoonful of lemon juice and grind it well. Use it to get rid of acidic substances from your body. Will
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