Useful tips that increase your eyesight - Health-Teachers

Useful tips that increase your eyesight - Health-Teachers

The eyes are a beautiful gift of nature. When they are weak, you become a victim of anxiety. Many babies are born with poor eyesight, but try to increase the brightness of the eyes instead of worrying if the eyesight is weak.

Many foods are very good for eye health, so avoid foods as well as more mobile, TV, computer, bright sunlight, and low light at night.
  • Massaging mustard oil in the soles of the feet increases the brightness of the eyes.
  • Soak almonds at night, peel them in the morning, and mix them with 12 grams of butter and Egyptian food for a month.
  • For forty days, take seven almonds, Egyptian, and fennel, both of which are ten grams of crushed currant with hot milk, it brightens the eyes, then does not drink water at night.
  • Eating snuff after meals increases eyesight.
  • Mix half a teaspoon of crushed fennel with a little sugar and take it with milk.
  • Drinking cauliflower juice relieves eye weakness.
  • If there is darkness in front of the eyes, it is beneficial to mix the juice of Anola in water and drink Chardan in the morning and evening.
  • Frequent use of onions increases eyesight.
  • After filtering fresh milk and mixing Egyptian or honey, soaking twenty raisin water without heating it, drinking it for forty days increases the light in the eyes.
  • Berry enhances eyesight.
  • Tomatoes are extremely useful if the eyesight is a bit weak.
  • Drinking 125 grams of carrots and spinach carcasses increases eyesight.
  • Wheatgrass juice enhances eyesight.
  • Grinding green coriander with canola removes eye weakness.
  • Walking barefoot on green grass early in the morning increases eyesight.
  • Drinking spinach increases eyesight.
  • Apricots are extremely useful for the eyes and are also available this season.
  • Be sure to use fish to sharpen your eyes.
  • Green tea not only reduces the risk of eye infections but is also good for the eyes.
  • Dried coconut, banana, and sugarcane are good for the eyes.
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