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Weight loss tea is just a scam and nothing else - Health-Teachers

Weight loss tea is just a scam and nothing else - Health-Teachers

You may have come across online advertisements in general stores and grocery stores many times advertising expensive Chinese teas that are guaranteed to cleanse the human body of toxins as well as reduce weight. This tea is sold under different names but it is actually the same tea.

It does not eliminate the addiction from within you nor does it rid your body of toxins. His every claim is false. According to experts, the purchase of this tea is nothing but a burden on the pocket and it is also dangerous to use. In their book Healthy in a Green, Easy, Goodforever Recipe, Jessica Cording and Karen Engel state that this weight loss tea is nothing but a hoax.

There are compounds like polyphenols and caffeine in this tea which definitely speed up the metabolism to some extent, but this speed up is not so much that it affects the body weight. If this tea was really capable of losing weight, those who made it would have become billionaires by now by selling it. 

Besides, there are elements added to this tea that cannot be called good for health in any way. It is based on dangerous compounds that cause agitation. There are also some teas being sold in the market or online that claim to cleanse the body of toxins which are bogus according to Ansel. 

Weight loss tea is just a scam and nothing else - Health-Teachers

Excretes waste materials, for example, the liver eliminates toxic substances, and the kidneys throw these waste materials out of the body. It is a system that works 24 hours so what else do we need. 

Whether it is tea or any other product, no one excretes waste matter, but by using this tea, you just need to urinate frequently because caffeine is a diuretic, then the presence of natural medicine called Senna in this tea is a diuretic, which the seller claims. It is added to the tea for confirmation.

Some companies that produce green tea also claim that green tea speeds up metabolism. According to some tea research, the polyphenols and caffeine found in tea may have some effect on metabolism, but this effect is not considered significant. 

Consumption of green tea for various purposes has no effect on weight. In an article published in the International Journal of Obesity in 2009, it has been reported that the consumption of green tea has a very small effect on weight loss, but experts do not readily accept this fact.

So far, the claim that green tea actually causes weight loss has not been substantiated, although weight loss is definitely associated with green tea, not all studies have given importance to green tea as a means of weight loss, and it is not conclusive. Of course, it cannot be said that green tea does not have effects, but its effects do not help in losing weight like a balanced diet and exercise.

This tea is excellent in terms of other medical benefits, the polyphenols (flavonoids and cyanochins) in it are notable for their antioxidant benefits. Anil also says that just like tea can control your appetite, so can plain water. If you really want to lose weight, make a balanced diet and exercise your second habit.

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