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What are Arthritis and what treatment? - Health-Teachers

Edema of the joints

What are Arthritis and what treatment? - Health-Teachers

It is a disease in children and young people and usually occurs between the ages of five and fifteen years. A joint starts to feel pain suddenly and without any reason due to fatigue or injury. 

Sometimes a few days before the onset of joint pain, the patient begins to feel tired and fatigued, which does not seem to have any specific cause, along with a high fever, profuse sweating, and usually loss of appetite and constipation. 

There is also a complaint that the patient's heart beats very loudly and at a high speed. Most of the big joints of the body such as the wrist, elbow, shoulder, ankle, knee, etc. are affected by this disease. When the disease becomes severe, the affected joints and become more swollen but now it feels soft to the touch. 

The pain increases more. This disease usually occurs in the autumn or spring season and according to modern medical research, its main cause is a minor throat disorder. But the poison left by them causes allergies and the patient suffers from this dangerous disease of the joints. This disease is usually found in poor families. Vati is where the quality of food is not good, people are weak and live in cramped, dirty, and damp houses.


What are Arthritis and what treatment? - Health-Teachers

Complete bed rest is essential, even if the patient is not allowed to leave the bed even for defecation. The palpitations should not be normal. As soon as you recover, do not start doing any strenuous work, but gradually come back to your daily routine.

Do not move the affected joint at all. There are splints from the market, i.e. tying them with thin strips of wood is even more useful. Do not massage the joint. A towel soaked in hot water also reduces the pain, but hot compresses are harmful to the patient. 

He should lie on the side on which he feels more comfortable. Treat loss of appetite and constipation properly and give the patient a balanced diet. So give the patient salt water to drink. Aspirin is the best treatment for this disease. 

Aspirin not only relieves pain and swelling. It reduces but helps in uprooting this disease. For the first two days, take three tablets of sprue every two hours and then three tablets every four hours until the joint heals. Therefore, take five or six pills at night and sleep. Sometimes you need to take several pills to get complete rest. 

If it still doesn't agree, then take calcium aspirin. If it is also unbearable, consult a doctor. Aspirin is more suitable for children than adults. Eight to ten injections of penicillin should be given at the beginning of the disease. 

It protects against further attacks of the disease. It is a dangerous disease, apart from joint pain, it eats away at the heart constantly, so it is better to get rid of it as soon as possible. If home remedies are not very effective, then as soon as possible. 

Consult a doctor or wait for complete relief usually from one and a half to six months It takes time, even during the treatment with the doctor, precautions and patient care will help to get rid of this disease quickly. 

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