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What are hemorrhoids? Chronic hemorrhoids - signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids - Health-Teachers

What is hemorrhoids? Chronic hemorrhoids - signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids - Health-Teachers

Millions of people in the world are suffering from hemorrhoids, but they are unaware of them. Half of the population living in developed countries and cities suffer from hemorrhoids after the age of 30 and some even at the age of 15. Hemorrhoids are a condition that no one mentions, but almost half of the population suffers from it.

This not only causes pain but can also cause bleeding. Eating fiber-rich foods can protect and even cure it. The leading cause of this disorder in women is pregnancy. Lifestyle changes can relieve the discomfort and pain caused by hemorrhoids.

This disease is very painful, although its severity varies from patient to patient. Even if the disease is not severe, it can be very painful and the patient can be very worried and unconscious, but if there is correct information, their suffering can be solved and treated.

It is encouraging that this disease is preventable and if one lives with caution and abstinence, the suffering caused by the disease can be reduced. It is important to know that bleeding from the lower part of the body can be due to various reasons, some of which can be serious diseases. After an examination, only your doctor can tell whether the bleeding is caused by hemorrhoids or some other disease.

Hemorrhoids cause pain, discomfort, and bleeding. Defecation and sitting can be very painful. Often senior officers cannot sit in their seats for a long time due to this discomfort and it becomes difficult for them to attend important meetings. Napoleon had hemorrhoids, so he could not ride a horse for long and that is probably why he lost the battle of "Waterloo".

Despite these complications, hemorrhoids are not a serious medical problem, but knowledge and caution are a must. People who eat high-fiber foods, drink plenty of water, and exercise can avoid this disease. If they get this disease, its severity is reduced. At this time, hemorrhoids can be treated with surgery and other methods.

What are hemorrhoids?

What is hemorrhoids? Chronic hemorrhoids - signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids - Health-Teachers

These are actually swollen and dilated blue veins, which form on the lower lip or protrude from the inside. They are also called warts. These are the blue veins that some people, especially women, have on their legs. Initially, hemorrhoids are felt by swollen warts after defecation, as if something is inside.

Sometimes it bleeds. It is both internal and external. This is caused by increased pressure inside, causing the internal veins to swell. It is a disease of people standing upright, it is not likely to occur in cattle. This disease can also be caused by straining during constipation and hard stools.

It is also common during pregnancy. Constant scratching caused by chronic diarrhea can also cause it. Hemorrhoids affect both men and women, although women are more likely to experience this condition due to pregnancy.

Hemorrhoids themselves are not a major problem, but the symptoms they cause can be problematic, however, they can be prevented. It is more common in people living a traditional lifestyle, such as Africans, while it is more common in sedentary people who eat a Western-style diet.

Sedentary means sitting mostly and moving less. People who eat fibrous foods, which are high in bran and low in flour, also have fewer hemorrhoids. However, eating fibrous foods is not only a prevention of hemorrhoids but also a treatment.

Chronic Hemorrhoids

What is hemorrhoids? Chronic hemorrhoids - signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids - Health-Teachers

In some people, once the hemorrhoids have dried up, then there is no pain for the rest of their lives. On the contrary, it becomes a chronic problem in some people, but it should not be alarming.

At such times, there is an urgent need to make lifestyle changes, such as eating the right fiber-rich foods, including salads, vegetables, beans, pulses, and fruits. Do not strain while defecating. Water should be drunk more than thirst and walking should be made a slogan. In this way, the severity and recurrence of this disease can be reduced.

Signs and symptoms

What is hemorrhoids? Chronic hemorrhoids - signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids - Health-Teachers

Warts, pain, tenderness, and bleeding (usually from internal hemorrhoids) can be diagnosed by local medical examination. There may be other similar problems, such as hemorrhoids, fissures, laxity, inflammation, boils, dysentery, gonorrhea, syphilis, tumor, cancer, etc., but they are detected by medical examination.

Treatment includes ointments, bandages, mattresses, ice packs, anti-inflammatory drugs, sitting in water, proper bowel habits, personal hygiene, and self-rest.

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