What are Muscles spasms and treatment? Health-Teachers

What are Muscles spasms and treatment? - Health-Teachers

This muscle pain is different from the above-mentioned pain. The muscles do not have constant pain, but the pains are felt from time to time. The main reason for this is the lack of edible salt in the body. Excessive sweating during strenuous exercise or in any weather causes the body to lose a large amount of dietary salt. 

It can also be caused by air bubbles. Pregnant women also usually suffer from this disease. In all these cases, the pain is mostly in the calf or arm muscles, but this pain can occur in any muscle. Typists, telegraph operators, and many writers. People like students who take a lot of notes and clerks etc. also suffer from this type of pain, but such pain is usually in the fingers or hand muscles.

If the is rising due to a lack of salt, drink a few glasses of salt water at small intervals. , feels headache, nausea, and sleepiness, then his muscles start to tense up and he becomes restless.

Sometimes the heartbeat becomes irregular and the patient becomes very anxious or fearful. Reassure such patients or give them an Administer half a tablet of logical or Stelazine and see a doctor immediately as this can be life-threatening.
What are Muscles spasms and treatment? - Health-Teachers

Do the same exercise for hours or soak the affected muscle in warm water or just wrap a towel and press the muscle. Do not sleep under the fan in summer, especially at night. Drink. Standing in one place for a long time causes muscle cramps due to the blockage of superficial blood vessels Yes if your complaint is of this nature, you should take off your shoes and socks every two hours to keep the veins open. 

Tight socks and shoes can also cause these tears. Remove the pillow and lie down and lift your legs up and move them back and forth and in the meantime move your toes and the joints of your feet and legs. Old people need such exercise. 

If your muscles start to twitch at night while sleeping, then take one pill of conine daily for ten days and you will be protected from this disease for the next six months. However, pregnant women should not use conine. Do not use quinone even if you suffer from heart disease.

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