What are the side effects of overeating - Health-Teachers

What are the side effects of overeating - Health-Teachers

For the past four years, whenever Shahid Amrohi enters his family doctor's clinic nervously, he realizes what trouble he is in. Harbaran's complaint is almost the same as last year's. This year, Dost Ahasab again forced me to eat so much that I am feeling sick.

Their doctor knows that they are happy food, so they can't control themselves by looking at the roasted liver, kidneys, and brain spices and eating very hard, which results in their stomach getting upset.

Probably every physician advises a patient like Amarohovi not to go hungry and not to turn away from nutritious foods, but to eat whatever you eat in moderation.

As far as Shahid Amrohi is concerned, he understands well that dates and sweets should not be touched, but when these things come to light, they start eating with outstretched hands.

Then his hand does not stop. Physicians explain their happy-diet to patients every year. Then they prescribe medicine to keep their stomach healthy. Then they prescribe medicine to keep their stomach healthy. Finally, he says, be careful in eating and do not get out of control while eating because eating too much causes diseases.

What are the side effects of overeating - Health-Teachers

Mrs. Shumaila is a middle-aged fat woman. She suffers from high blood pressure and her cholesterol also rises. As soon as she enters the clinic, she tells her doctor that this time the pills they gave did not help her at all. I'm a little busy these days.

The doctor understands his illness and is surprised at N's overeating habit. He has repeatedly told them that when you overeat, your blood pressure and cholesterol rise. The amount you eat right for these two diseases is usually ineffective.

The number of patients increases because people eat spicy and fatty foods. Beef and goat meat contain good amounts of iron and proteins, but they are also high in calories and bad cholesterol (LDL), which can lead to heart disease and gastric ulcers.
The only way to prevent disease is to eat more meat and more vegetables and fruits. Also exercise daily.
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