What are Tuberculosis? Tuberculosis or TB - Health-Teachers

Tuberculosis or TB

What are Tuberculosis? Tuberculosis or TB - Health-Teachers

The story of the measures that can be taken to avoid this deadly disease is very long and the health department of the government also has a big involvement in it, for example, controlling the sale of milk, to keep inspecting the meat and slaughterhouses, residential houses.

Care of cities, towns, villages, and other types of population and factories, etc. to try to improve sanitation arrangements and lastly but most importantly to diagnose the disease in its early stage and make separate arrangements for the accommodation of such patients because that is what they are. It is the patients who are most likely to spread the disease.

Vaccination of BCG to more children and especially to the employees who are working in Daqwasal hospitals. This problem is not only medical but also economic and cultural and not only individuals but also the government is responsible for it, so only with the cooperation of individuals and the attention of the government can preventive measures be implemented.

Attempts at mischief will not yield any benefit. The first step that should be taken in this regard is to make people aware of how this disease spreads.

This disease is usually spread like this

What are Tuberculosis? Tuberculosis or TB - Health-Teachers

1. Coughing in the open air, when small particles of saliva containing the germs of sputum spread freely in the air and reach the lungs of other people through the respiratory tract.

2. From the mucus that is thrown in markets, gardens, vehicles, etc., or in places where there is traffic, this mucus dries up and flies in the air and reaches the lungs of other people through breathing. It causes disease.
3. Drinking the milk of a cow or buffalo that is suffering from this disease or buying and consuming food from a shopkeeper that is suffering from this disease.

From the above statement, it will be seen that what should be done to prevent the spread of this disease is firstly the proper treatment and care of the patient of this disease, secondly the safety of those who live closely with him, and thirdly.

Correction of inappropriate conditions and environment. As far as the patient's personal hygiene is concerned, the most important thing is that if he is a man, his mustache and beard should be shaved, because, despite efforts, hair close to the mouth and nose cannot be kept free from germs.

Try to control your cough and cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief or any other special cloth while coughing or sneezing. After use, they should be washed immediately and thoroughly cleaned. If a cloth or handkerchief is used, boil it in water.

People who are infected and have a lot of phlegm should keep a glass bottle with an open mouth and put some antiseptic solution in the bottle when the phlegm comes. Spit into the same bottle if the phlegm is small. If you are coming or feel embarrassed to use a paper napkin or have a glass bottle with you or do not naturally like it, then such patients should keep a cloth napkin but keep a small bag with them.

What are Tuberculosis? Tuberculosis or TB - Health-Teachers

A handkerchief should be placed in it with a spit so that the bag with the bug can be boiled and sterilized. For the patient, poison is a killer because swallowing phlegm causes constipation, and then it proves to be a disease that becomes very difficult to control when urine, feces, and phlegm become dry, They become a constant source of disease.

Therefore, do not throw them away without mixing them in a disinfectant solution. Keep the food and drink of patients in separate containers. Shopkeepers selling food and drinks or where these things are prepared should not employ patients with dysentery.

The room of such patients should also be separate and they should be in such a direction. So it is better than the sun shining inside it in the winter season and the air circulation is also good.

And such a room will be the one whose windows are facing north and south. The windows should be big enough and they should be open all the time. The walls should be whitewashed from time to time. The floor of the room should be smooth so that there is no problem in cleaning it. If the patient's house is not such, it would be better to send him to a sanatorium.

Mothers should not breastfeed their children and not let their children stay with their parents for a long time. There is no question of feeding or sleeping with them in houses where such separation is not possible. should be admitted to a boarding house, etc., and the foster child should be entrusted to a midwife.

Because children under the age of five have a strong tendency to this disease, they should be sucked and licked at will, especially those or Relatives who are suspected to have been afflicted with Madduk-e-Yas disease, children who walk on their knees, their hands are cut off by the dust that contains the germs of this disease, and then the same hands or they put their fingers in their mouths and even then they fall victim to this disease.

For this reason, children should not get into the habit of putting pacifiers in their mouths, nor should they blow the milk that has been boiled for them to suck their thumbs. It should not be cooled by beating or blowing on other food items, otherwise, the germs of the person blowing on their food Akaar Jam will go to the place of marriage. Go on, women should not be pregnant.

What are Tuberculosis? Tuberculosis or TB - Health-Teachers

The other members of the family of the house in which there is an infected person should be examined from time to time because this disease is also spread through food and drinks, especially milk, so children need to be very careful with milk. In our country, Till now there is no restraint on the milking animals and no restrictions on the cows, and seeing the shameful dirty and dirty environment in which the milk and other food items are sold in the market.

It can be said without fear of denial that children should be fed market milk at least and it should not be used once but repeatedly after boiling.

Women who belong to Marduk families should avoid early pregnancy and long breastfeeding. Men of the Marduk type should refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol, and having too much sexual intercourse because it weakens the lungs and body. They read. The climate of the place of residence, the condition of the land, i.e., whether it is dry or sad, and the environment there has a great effect on their health.

It should be elevated, its windows and doors should face the north-easterly cold winds, and the best area would be one where the sun shines well and there is not too much difference between the temperatures of the seasons, i.e. neither too cold nor too hot.

Finally, but most importantly, try to understand the psychology of your friends and relatives. Countering their sympathetic and compassionate but harmful advice will often require great patience and appropriate action without expert advice. And don't accept any advice, so don't act hastily in the diagnosis of this disease.

Deceiving the family members about the nature of the disease and not revealing the truth or putting them down by saying that there is mucus on the chest and just as if another chance should be dug in the cure of the disease because, in the successful treatment of this disease, the patient and the cooperation of his family members is very important.

It is also important to take care of the physical and mental health of other members of the house because, despite the precautions, these germs that are present everywhere and at all times can sometimes infect the body and They are present at all times and can sometimes dominate the body, although human nature, which is a b Its gift destroys them immediately when it weakens, it is sure to dominate them.
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