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What happens during sleep? - Health-Teachers

What happens during sleep? - Health-Teachers

That night we lie in bed, close our eyes and reach a new world. When we wake up, it feels like we're back from a trip, but we don't remember what we saw in the dream. All we remember is that we had a dream, but we don't know what happened to us.

What happens to the body during sleep

What happens during sleep? - Health-Teachers

The most important thing is that all the muscles in our body relax and relax. If a person grabs her arm and lifts it up during sleep, he will feel lifeless and will rise very easily.

When we are asleep, we usually fall asleep. It relaxes our muscles and relaxes them. The muscles that do not relax and relax during sleep are the eyelids and the muscles around the eyes. These muscles contract, so that we can close our eyes.

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Our body moves many times during the night while sleeping. Sometimes we move one part of the body, sometimes we move the other body or the whole body to move. Some people move more during sleep and some less.

It all depends on how tired we are, what our body temperature is, and what we ate before going to bed. A human being moves an average of 20 to 40 times a night, but the duration of our movement is only a few minutes to 30 seconds per hour.

After waking up in the morning, each of us reacts differently, but during sleep, each of us reacts in almost the same way. Noise, light, heat, and smells all have the same effect on sleeping people.

During sleep, many changes take place in our bodies. Repentance continues throughout the bloodstream, but the heartbeat slows down. We also breathe very slowly and not as fast as we do when we wake up.

The digestive system continues to function normally, and the liver and kidneys continue to function, but with a slight slowdown, our body temperature drops by one degree. Sweating is usually faster, but the palms and soles of the feet produce less sweat than during the day.

People don't think we get a good night's sleep at any part of the night. On any one night, we sleep from light sleep to deep sleep and this cycle goes on and on. 

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