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What is cocaine? - Health-Teachers

What is cocaine? - Health-Teachers

What is cocaine? To what extent is cocaine addiction harmful to human health. What changes can occur in the behavior, speech, and behavior of cocaine users? And how is its treatment necessary and possible? Before seeking answers to these important questions, Khaksar respectfully requests that the reader read this text as an informational text only.

The country's political scenario is very hot, the leaders are thundering, but there are still a few days left in the political crisis. There are a lot of analyzes and comments, readers and viewers may also want to look and read something different.

A few days ago, I had a long meeting with my senior colleague and dear friend, Tariq Mateen, and it was agreed that we should also write some informative articles,. Such informative articles are directly or indirectly related to national politics or social issues. 

Addiction is a curse, everyone knows, but despite this, people all over the world are addicted to this addiction day by day, it may be difficult to solve these problems completely, but yes. Information and literature about drugs can guide the new generation to a great extent. These days, compared to cannabis, hashish, alcohol, and a powder called cocaine are discussed, thought why not talk about it. This article is an attempt to do so.

What is cocaine?

What is cocaine? - Health-Teachers

Cocaine is the name of a drug, available in powder or crystal form, usually mixed with talcum powder, cornstarch, or sugar. Cocaine is obtained from the leaves of the coca tree, formerly known as cocaine. Used only as a painkiller, nowadays it is sniffed through the nose, some people rub it on the gums to get the desired results.

Cocaine has many names, such as Coke, Charlie, Blue, Pepsi, Nose Candy, etc. Coca is a shrub-like plant, found mainly in the Latin countries of Peru and Bolivia, pure cocaine is distilled from the leaves of the coca, or 'Erothrocylon', shrub. 

Today, Colombia is the largest producer of cocaine. The word cocaine is derived from the plant called coca. Surprisingly, when the popular soft drink Coca-Cola was launched on the market, it also contained nine milligrams of cocaine per glass. Eliminated it from my recipe.

Why is cocaine so deadly?

What is cocaine? - Health-Teachers

Scientists call it the deadliest drug, according to modern research cocaine users become psychologically dependent on cocaine to a dangerous degree, cocaine immediately activates the part of the brain that provides relief. , from which one feels comfort and joy. Not only does this comfort attract the cocaine user again and again, but the user is also compelled to increase the amount each time.

What are the temporary and permanent effects of cocaine?

Cocaine is a fast-acting drug, the user experiences an immediate euphoria, and feels very energetic, healthy, and alert, according to modern research, a person using cocaine is full of energy. Likes to talk a lot along with feeling, such a person feels mentally alert, sees more and better than usual, has a heightened sense of hearing, sense of touch, temporary hunger, and thirst, and Sleep is also lost.

Some people around the world use cocaine for some intense physical or extreme intellectual pursuits. Cocaine constricts arteries, can cause eye watering, increase blood pressure, makes feel hot, and overdose can cause violence.

Many addicts also complain of restlessness, anxiety, panic attacks, and bouts of insanity. People who use cocaine feel that their beliefs and opinions on any matter are unchallenged, and cannot be refuted. In such cases, patients often become stubborn and become violent during discussions.

Method of treatment

What is cocaine? - Health-Teachers

Cocaine addicts are treated very differently than heroin addicts because alternative (less harmful) drugs to cocaine have not yet been discovered. A few drugs are prescribed temporarily for people with cocaine addiction, which do not prove to be a long-term solution. Addicted patients are usually advised to undergo a rehab program.

According to the UK's National Health Service, the best treatment for cocaine addicts is counseling, along with medication, such patients are in dire need of social support.

According to the National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse in the UK, seven out of ten cocaine users could recover if they had access to a therapist in time.

Similarly, the American Library of Medicine believes that even if cocaine users quit after temporary treatment, there is a risk that they will turn to powder cocaine again, even after years of struggle. However, you can use the powder again.

Some experts believe that heavy exercise and running can be somewhat helpful in reducing the effects of cocaine, as it flushes the toxins from the body in the form of sweat.

It would not be appropriate to discuss the methods of using cocaine, as this would lead to the impression that this scourge is being promoted, which we do not intend at all. It is a very deadly, deadly, and expensive drug.

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