What is an exercise for Waist slimming? Health-Teachers

What is an exercise for Waist slimming? Health-Teachers

Touching the claws

Stand with your feet open. The feet should be about a foot apart. Raise your arms straight overhead. Bend your torso and touch the floor between your feet. Then touch again, lifting the torso slightly. Then return to the first position with the torso lifted. Do this exercise for five to ten minutes.

Arm Rotation

1. Stand up straight.
2. Feet open one foot. Arms are by the side. Rotate both arms to the back.
3. Complete half the number of exercises with front rotation and half front to back. Do this exercise 18 to 20 times.

Exercise to prevent postpartum weight gain

1. Sit straight on the floor. Extend the arms forward and also extend the legs straight.

2. While leaning forward, grasp the claws with both hands. Come back to your original state. Now extend the arms in front and bend backward, and tuck both legs inward.

3. Come back to your original state. Now lie straight. Extend both arms on the floor towards the head. Bend your legs slightly and raise your back as high as you can off the floor. But keep the shoulders, hips and feet on the floor.
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