What is Progeria? Aging in childhood how it is possible - Health-Teachers

What is progeria?

What is Progeria? Aging in childhood how it is possible - Health-Teachers

It is a strange disorder, in which children become old in childhood. It is a genetic disease. The physical characteristics of the child with it grow very fast and they cross the threshold of old age before they can. The speed of physical development can be estimated from the fact that a five-year-old boy or girl starts to look like a 50-year-old woman.

Progeria is a childhood disease. Children suffering from this disease hardly live more than 13 years. This disease can affect boys and girls of all generations. Out of 4 million children born worldwide. A child suffers from progeria. The incidence of this disease is very low.

How does Progeria develop?

What is Progeria? Aging in childhood how it is possible - Health-Teachers

In fact, an abnormal protein (protein) starts to form in the body due to a certain type of genetic defect. When the body's cells (cells) use this leprosy, it destroys and destroys these cells. This leprosy starts to form in many cells of the body of affected children and this causes them to age faster. This protein is called "Progeria".

Progeria is a combination of two Greek words "Pro" and "geria". "pro" means premature and "geria" means old age, hence the meaning of progeria: "premature aging".

How Progeria was diagnosed?

What is Progeria? Aging in childhood how it is possible - Health-Teachers

This disease was first diagnosed by an English surgeon in 1886. It is not transmitted from affected children to other people. Affected children look healthy like normal children at birth, but they start showing symptoms of the disease in the first year. Such children weigh less than normal children. Their heads are unusually large. The eyes are round and large. Baby and child care products

The veins of the body are bulging. There are more wrinkles on the lower surface of the skin and on other parts of the body. Their skin becomes old. The voice is heavy. The muscles in the body are less. The eyelids and eyebrows are devoid of hair. His teeth are damaged.
Progeria-affected children are more similar in appearance. Their height is shorter than that of normal healthy children.

Acceleration of mental puberty is normal compared to physical malformations. The disease does not affect the child's intelligence or mental malformation. The affected child has a short life span and facial expressions are abnormal.

A child who is affected by this disease is also surrounded by common old-age diseases, such as weak bones, paralysis, hardening of the arteries, joint pain, swelling and heart diseases, etc.
Children with progeria usually die of a stroke or heart attack.

British girl

What is Progeria? Aging in childhood how it is possible - Health-Teachers

A British girl was also affected by Progeria. She died on April 2, 2015. The girl's body was full of wrinkles and very wrinkled like the body of a 100-year-old woman.

If you notice some changes in your child and they are similar to progeria, contact a pathologist immediately and get a complete checkup of the child. The doctor will do a physical examination of the child. Vision and hearing tests will also be done. Check the child's pulse and blood pressure.

Also, compare your child's weight and height with the weight and height of children of the same age. If the doctor notices some symptoms in the child, which indicate the disease of progeria, he will immediately instruct you to take the child to a geneticist, so that he can do a blood test for progeria. Can make a final diagnosis and confirm the disease.

Is Progeria treatment possible?

What is Progeria? Aging in childhood how it is possible - Health-Teachers

There is no specific treatment for Progeria. Scientists are working day and night to find an effective treatment. can activate the cells. This treatment gives the patient rest and reduces the severity of the disease.

In addition, the specialist can also prescribe medicine to reduce the child's cholesterol and prevent fatigue in the blood. A small amount of aspirin can also be advised to be fed daily to protect against heart attack and stroke. A special type of hormone can also be added to the medicine to increase the height and weight of the affected child.

A cardiologist may also recommend a single operation or angioplasty for some children to get rid of heart disease. Children suffering from progeria are also prone to dehydration in summer, so they should drink more water. With the doctor's permission, they should also be fed small amounts of light foods throughout the day, so that they maintain energy.

They should wear comfortable shoes so that they can easily play with other children at home. In this way, they will be active. Such children should not be treated with love and affection so that they do not suffer from this feeling of inferiority.

This disease is being researched. No effective cure has been discovered yet. However, we should not despair of Allah's mercy at any stage. Healing is His work and treatment is our responsibility. This disease must be treated and hope should be kept. God willing, one day a cure for Progeria will be discovered.
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