What is Tinnitus? Can Tinnitus is a disease or not - Health-Teachers

What is Tinnitus? Can Tinnitus is a disease or not - Health-Teachers

When fifty-seven-year-old JUSTUS's hands began to tremble, probably due to nerve spasms, his physician advised him to go to the hospital and get his tests done. He assumed that he had a brain tumor because he was hearing various sounds in his ears.

After several tests, nothing unusual was revealed, however, a surprising discovery was made, the details of which are listed below. Justice recalled: "I felt as if someone was hammering steel balls." But the surprising thing was that the sound was not coming from any part of the house.

It was not known where the sound was coming from. A sound that doesn't come from anywhere, but seems to be coming from somewhere, is called tinnitus. This noise can last for a few hours. A large number of people in the world suffer from this problem. They have ringing in their hearing. Sounds, chirping, clicking, and buzzing are felt, while the reason for the sound is not understood.

Currently, 30 million people in the world are suffering from tinnitus, which is 10% of the population. Elderly people have this complaint more. Ringing in the ears can be intermittent or constant. Ringing in the ears can be loud or soft. Sometimes the sound is so loud that you don't even know what it is.

A program on television. If the voice is not clearly understood, the person suffering from this problem becomes mentally disturbed. Dr. Michael Seidman, a specialist at a hospital in Detroit (Michigan), says, "I've heard that it causes a lot of people to separate from their wives. Some people are in trouble." After suffering, they are unable to do anything and become weaker day by day.

After all, why do these sounds come? How can they be silenced?
Debois, a professor of hearing at Nottingham University, says that ringing in the ears is not a disease, although it can be said that such a situation can arise after various diseases.

There are many causes of ringing in the ears, including exposure to loud noises, hearing loss, injury, medication side effects, heredity, and earwax buildup. Sometimes there is no known cause. Does not work.

A clinic in Portland treats people with tinnitus, nearly 90 percent of whom have lost their memories. There is no cure for ringing in the ears, however, doctors prescribe medicines that reduce the pain by eating.

What is Tinnitus? Can Tinnitus is a disease or not - Health-Teachers

After studying medical reports and observing people suffering from this problem, doctors have come to the conclusion that the affected People are deficient in B12 (vitamin B12), so when they were given supplements of this vitamin, their condition improved slightly. In addition, if such people take zinc (ZINC) supplements, it still occurs.

It is important to consult a physician when taking these supplements. In this regard, the Chinese herb "GINGKO BILOBA" is also beneficial. Neurotransmitter. (NEUROTRANSMITTER) i.e. the nerve transmitter that transmits signals from the ears to the brain, if it is also treated, the ringing in the ears will be reduced.

For those people who have less hearing and it is also a problem for them. A hearing aid is preferable. It does not stop the ringing in the ears but it makes the sound better.
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