White blood cells our protector - Health-Teachers

White blood cells our protector - Health-Teachers

You know that the blood circulating in our body is very important for our life. Blood is not a simple fluid, but it contains many components, which perform different functions. Blood fluid is called "plasma", which is more than half the amount of blood.

Other components float in this "plasma" and circulate with the blood and reach various organs of the body. Although the number of red cells is the highest and makes them look blood-red, white cells are also very important. There are many types of these white blood cells.

The first type, which is the most numerous, lives in the bloodstream and, when needed, exits the bloodstream and reaches the place where the germs or tissues of a disease accumulate. Some white blood cells absorb these germs and destroy them. They also excrete ingredients that soften dead tissue and make it digestible and turn it into the material.

The second type of white blood cell is that if the infection in our body persists for a while, it will automatically grow too much when it reaches the affected area.

It is a natural system by which white blood cells fight and destroy disease germs. Understand that white blood cells are actually a defense force for our body. They kill the germs of the disease as soon as they reach this place in case of any disease attack.

White blood cells our protector - Health-Teachers

The third type of white blood cell is that it absorbs dead cells and tissues and thus removes body wastes. In addition, these cells surround dust and other contaminants and prevent them from meeting healthy tissue cells. How important and useful are the white blood cells to protect our body from the attacks of various diseases, at the same time the excess of white blood cells is not good for our body.
If large amounts of white blood cells start to form in the blood and they cannot be converted into active and healthy cells according to the needs of our body, then they take the form of a disease called leukemia or blood cancer.

Blood is a chemical formula, which must contain adequate amounts of all the ingredients in it, ie red blood cells, white blood cells, proteins, salts, starches, and fats. Any deficiency or excess of any substance can lead to disease.
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