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Why does the eye open again and again? - Health-Teachers

Why does the eye open again and again? - Health-Teachers

Sleep is a source of comfort for humans. Good sleep relieves fatigue and refreshes it. It plays an important role in making the human mood happy. Many people are worried about having their eyes open while sleeping because they do not get sleep afterward. 

According to experts, if you are suffering from such a situation, get yourself checked up immediately because it can be a sign of a serious disease.

This warning was revealed in a medical study conducted in the United States. According to a joint study by the University of California and the University of Michigan, waking up suddenly at night and then not being able to fall asleep increases the risk of heart disease. 

During this research, the data of more than one crore patients was reviewed and it was revealed that the risk of heart disease is 26% higher in those who wake up often at night. In the research, it was stated that the speed of heartbeat can change in such people, which is also called heart disease without obvious symptoms, and this increases the risk of stroke and cardiac arrest.

According to the research, people who suffer from insomnia have a 29% more chance of getting this disease. Researchers believe sleep disruption causes extra pressure on the heart chambers.

It has already been revealed that sleep is very important in terms of metabolism and the balance of hormones in the body because these hormones affect cholesterol, insulin, blood pressure, swelling, etc.

According to research, the part of the brain that controls the heart rate and blood pressure is affected as a result of the disorder in the sleep routine. The researchers said that poor sleep increases the risk of heart disease and it is known how sleep affects the nervous system. 

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