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Why the smell in the breath - Health-Teachers

Why the smell in the breath - Health-Teachers

Basically, all foods break down in the mouth, and if you eat strong-smelling foods like garlic or onions, brushing or mouthwash can only temporarily remove the smell if you don't brush your teeth daily.

So the food ingredients are left in the mouth, which leads to an increase in the number of bacteria between the teeth, on the gums, and on the tongue, which causes bad breath. Apart from this, there may be some other reasons.

Tongue: Bacteria on the tongue is a significant cause of bad breath, clean your tongue daily with a toothbrush and a tongue cleaning tool.

Carbohydrates: When you eliminate carbohydrates from your diet and emphasize protein, the body begins to break down fat for energy, creating a chemical called ketones in the process, which causes foul breath. Yes, when this happens, even cleaning the teeth cannot solve the problem.

Colds: Infections in the respiratory tract such as colds and coughs also cause bad breath, which is caused by bacteria in the nose.

Any type of wound: Well, the wound is not a problem, but a certain kind of bacteria present in it can definitely cause bad breath, the solution of which is the treatment of this bacteria.

Certain medications are medications that affect the amount of saliva in the mouth, which is the fluid that cleans food particles and bacteria in the mouth, causing bad breath. It is necessary to consult a doctor.

Tonsil stones: These small white particles are made up of bacteria, food particles, dead cells, and nasal material, which get stuck in the tonsils and the back of the tongue. Formed, they often go away on their own, but gargling with salt water can also speed up the process.

Dried fruits: Dried apricots, potatoes, or other similar fruits contain a lot of sugar and odor-producing bacteria, while these fruits shine in the mouth, they remain between the teeth, which also increases the possibility of bad breath. Be sure to brush and floss after eating these fruits.

Why the smell in the breath - Health-Teachers

Cracked teeth: If there is more space between the teeth, there are more food particles trapped and the breeding of bacteria also increases, resulting in dental diseases, gum diseases, and respiratory diseases.

I smell. In fact, bad breath can be a sign of many diseases. It can also be a warning sign of kidney, liver, and respiratory system problems such as pneumonia as well as diabetes and acidity and gum disease caused by the accumulation of bacteria which, if left untreated, can also increase the risk of heart disease or stroke.

To prevent this, clean the teeth with paste twice a day, change your toothbrush every two to three months or get a new brush even after an illness. Brush for fibers stuck between the teeth. Avoid smoking while drinking plenty of water to keep the mouth moist.
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