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Winter illness Influenza, Symptoms and Precautions - Health-Teachers

Winter Illness Influenza, Symptoms and Precautions - Health-Teachers

Many people love the winter season but do not take care that they get sick in this beautiful season and cannot enjoy this season so it is important to have warm clothes to protect yourself during this season. And use a mask to avoid the harshness of this weather.

When the winter season comes, it brings with it many diseases, including cold, fever, headache, throat, and respiratory diseases. Influenza is also a winter disease and it is spread by a virus that affects our respiratory system by affecting our nose, throat, and lungs. And it is transmitted to other people by coughing.

This disease can affect people of any age, but mostly children, old and weak people are affected by this diseaseWhen the influenza germs enter an infected person, within two to three days, he/she will complain of cold, flu, and high fever. Apart from this, chills and chills also occur.

And the pain starts in the whole body and if the disease worsens, the affected patient has difficulty breathing, in addition to chest pain, vomiting and diarrhea, it is important that the patient is given it and should be seen by the doctor so that the disease does not become chronic.
Winter Illness Influenza, Symptoms and Precautions - Health-Teachers

If this disease is not treated in time, it can cause many more complications. And the disease becomes fatal. Which is treated for a long period of time, so it is important that young children and elderly people are protected from cold in the winter season so that they can be protected from this deadly disease.

In young children, the disease begins with a sore throat, plus a fever of 100 degrees Fahrenheit, followed by headaches and body aches, along with a runny nose and dry cough.

Influenza A is easily transmitted from one person to another person, so if someone in the house is infected with it, the other people should also consult a doctor so that they can be given timely medicine or vaccine so that they can be protected from this disease.

If a person is suffering from this disease, give him complete bed rest and give him warm ice water and fresh fruit juice, apart from this, give the patient plenty of water. Avoid cold water and drink normal water. Patients who have asthma, diabetes, or heart disease need to be more careful.


(1) Sneezing, and runny nose may be the initial symptoms.
(2) Headache, dry cough.
(3) Sore throat, cold, and flu


Winter Illness Influenza, Symptoms and Precautions - Health-Teachers
(1) Cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing.
(2) Use a clean towel or handkerchief to clean the nose and mouth.
(3). Always wash your hands with soap.
(4) If the epidemic has spread, do not go to the market or crowded places.
(5) Get enough sleep and make light exercise your daily routine.
(6) Pregnant women should be vaccinated with the advice of their doctor.
(7) Wash the patient's utensils with disinfectant solution.
(8) If the patient uses tissue paper, burn it.

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