Winter skin diseases - Health-Teachers

Winter skin diseases - Health-Teachers

In cold weather, where cold, flu, cough, fever, infection, etc. and other diseases are more prevalent, this season is also very important in terms of skin diseases. There are many skin diseases that get worse in this season and this Atopic dermatitis is usually a familial disease.

It is usually a familial disease. Asthma, allergies, sneezing, colds, and psoriasis are more common. It usually starts in young children but can also occur in older children. The baby's skin is happy and itchy with severe itching which results in the spread of wounds and infections.

Cold weather makes the skin drier, so the disease is exacerbated by the drought. Here are some precautionary measures for mothers to keep their baby's skin supple. The best thing to do is white petroleum jelly, commonly known as Also called simple Vaseline.

Do not use common germicidal soap because it dries the skin and never takes a bath with antiseptic or yam etc. in water. In particular, do not sit right in front of the fire because it also dries the skin more.

Winter skin diseases - Health-Teachers

The same measures apply to adults and to those who do not have hereditary psoriasis but whose skin is naturally a bit dry. Such people also need to be careful in cold weather. Scabies is the most important infectious disease that spreads due to overcrowding. 

When this rash spreads rapidly, it spreads to the whole family but also the entire neighborhood and sometimes even the entire village. The disease is spread by a small insect called Scales Mite and is transmitted by sitting, getting up, shaking hands with each other, using each other's clothes and bedding, etc.

It is itchier, especially at night. Itching can also be severe. In addition, the hands, arms, abdomen, legs, and certain organs become infected, which in severe cases can be filled with pus. In children, it spreads very fast and can also appear on the face.

Obviously, we have to treat all the family members together for this, otherwise, the itching does not go away. If even one person in the house is left unattended, it can cause the rest of the family to get itchy again.

In case of any kind of skin problem, the dermatologist should be consulted immediately. Using different tubes, etc., based on household tips and hearsay, increases the risk of damage and discomfort. 

People who do not have dry and sensitive skin also need special care in cold weather. Different types of chemicals on the skin Avoid soaps and detergents. Women who do housework should be careful, especially in washing dishes, washing clothes and cleaning, etc. If the skin is sensitive, wear such protective gloves.

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