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Winter trouble dry and rough skin - Health-Teachers

Winter trouble dry and rough skin - Health-Teachers

Cold winds, mild and warm sun, and falling temperatures are the signs of the season. Roots have different effects on different people. Some are immune to it, as their skin is not affected, but becomes red and fine. On the contrary, there are some people, whose problems increase, the skin of their face and hands crack and itch.

These two parts of the body are important because people's eyes fall directly on them. Since we want our hands and feet and faces to look good, that's where we have to pay the most attention. It has generally been observed that women pay more attention to the beauty of their faces while neglecting their hands and feet.

The sight of torn hands and feet disgusts the visitor. A soft and gentle face and hands and feet give your personality a positive effect on others. In winter, when the temperature drops, the air becomes dry, and it loses moisture. This affects our skin and it becomes dry, rough, and itchy. However, with the change of season, you have to pay more attention to your hands and feet than usual.

Regardless of the change of season, the products that you are constantly using for yourself, also have negative effects on your skin, like harmful cheap soaps, cheap shampoos, cheap creams, etc. These make your skin soft and dry and itchy. Hot water also damages the skin. To avoid all such things, which cause dryness in the skin.

Avoid products you use in summer or spring in the winter, as their effects are completely reversed in this season. It is necessary to use products that contain glycerin and petroleum jelly in the joints. Whenever you wash and dry your hands, be sure to moisturize them. Women can prepare such a lotion at home.

Winter trouble dry and rough skin - Health-Teachers

Mix half a cup of glycerin, half a cup of lemon juice, and half a cup of rose extract in a bottle and stir. After washing your hands and feet every night, mix this lotion well. This will keep your skin soft and supple. In winter, the upper skin cells become dead, so prepare a lotion and rub it on your hands and feet to remove the dead skin. For this also you have to prepare a lotion.

Mix half a cup of sea salt, a quarter cup of coconut oil, and four drops of essential oil in a bottle and shake well. Rub this mixture on the dead skin for five minutes. After 5 minutes wash your hands with warm water and apply the lotion that was prepared earlier. This process will make your skin soft and smooth. Wear gloves and socks whenever you go out in winter because your skin becomes thin, delicate, and sensitive.

The skin is affected by the outside air. Wear shoes that are comfortable and fit. Cracked heels are annoying when you constantly ignore them. It is possible to solve it by filling a tub with lukewarm water and adding two spoons of salt to dissolve it. Then put your feet in it. Rub the heels for ten minutes. Then take out the feet and dry them.

Mix two spoons of lemon juice with one spoon of petroleum jelly and apply it on both feet, especially the heels and wear soft cotton socks. Repeat this process several times. Cracked heels will heal quickly. Cold air causes lines and spots on feet and hands. Massage them with coconut or olive oil before going to bed at night. Then wash them with warm water in the morning, and the stains and streaks will be gone.

Winter trouble dry and rough skin - Health-Teachers

Mix water with Multani soil and make it into a paste. Then leave it on the affected areas for 20 minutes. Then wash off with warm water. Do this process three times a week. The feet will become soft and supple. Ladies and gentlemen whose hands are more affected by cold, they should mix a pinch of alum in the white of an egg and apply it to their hands. Then massage for five minutes.

Then wash off with warm water. Finally, apply a lotion made of rose, lemon, and glycerin. Do this twice a week. Your hands will be soft and beautiful. By following these tips, the cold won't harm your feet.
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