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World Environment Conference - Health-Teachers

World Environment Conference - Health-Teachers

Ministers from 185 countries around the world attended a conference on climate change in Paris and agreed to work together to fight the scourge of climate change. This agreement has been finalized.

At the industrial level, the temperature will be limited to two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit). In the first phase, it will be raised to 1.5 degrees Celsius as the greenhouse gas emissions have already increased by one degree Celsius.

Signed at the Paris Environment Conference and put it into practice. Climate change is protecting the world from rising temperatures by 3 degrees Celsius.

This can only be achieved through the most drastic measures, which require the member countries to encourage them to take timely action, which will enable them to achieve the goal of reducing the temperature by 2 degrees Celsius. 

It is important to ensure that the activities of the member countries are coordinated as much as possible to achieve the target of fewer than 2 degrees Celsius. Floods, hurricanes, water wars, mass migration, and the spread of diseases will be controlled.

It is also acknowledged that the recent World Environment Conference agreement is not enough. As a result, it is extremely difficult to reduce it by 2 degrees Celsius.

World Environment Conference - Health-Teachers

There is also an impression that there is no single timetable for the voluntary emission of gases and the reduction of carbon dioxide for it, which scientists have identified as a new obstacle.

According to the Climate Action Tracker, a tool has been developed for the Climate Research Institute. Promises from more countries appear to be "insufficient" and almost all governments are in dire need of expanding their activities in 2015 or 2030.

The first step is to take steps to launch it in 2018, so that implementation of the two-year-old agreement can begin. These points will be implemented with member states in the next round of 2020. Muhammad Aid of Christian Aid says it will emphasize a significant effort in working on poverty. 

Many international observers have reservations that The 3 degree Celsius drop should be applied for at least ten next years. "Some countries have set their targets for the next ten years, 2025, while others have set their targets for 15 years, 2030," said WWF analyst Kartasneem Aesop. 

As soon as the agreement is implemented, all member states will have to review their efforts over the next five years. This review will take place in 2023 after five years. This is a big plan. That is why both developed and developing countries should set their goals separately.

The United States, for example, wants to voluntarily fulfill its obligations under the terms of the agreement and get it approved by Congress. Solar and wind sources have been suggested. 

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