Also eat millet for good health - Health-Teachers

Also eat millet for good health - Health-Teachers

You must have eaten millet roti with greens. Apart from this sweet tikkis are also made from millet flour. Millet is eaten in many ways, but we are not fully aware of its benefits.

A study conducted in India has shown that millet plays an important role in preventing bleeding from piles, epilepsy, insomnia, impotence, high blood pressure, diabetes, and tuberculosis.

According to Dr. Sabina Jalal, this research has been published in an international journal. Dr. Sabina Jalal is an assistant professor at Dow Medicine University of Health Sciences.

According to the above research, the number of patients with visual impairment in Pakistan is high. People suffering from this disease first suffer from diabetes, stomach ulcers, indigestion, or nervousness.

Also eat millet for good health - Health-Teachers

According to Sabina Jalal, millet contains a lot of proteins. Apart from this, calcium, phosphorus, and iron are also found in adequate amounts. There is no special arrangement to eat millet.

It is made into bread. It can be eaten raw and it can be eaten in the form of flour. An important thing is that people who are allergic to wheat can also eat it without fear and danger. Not harmful.

Millets are easily digested and the chances of allergic reactions are very low. So there is no problem in including it in daily diet. People who are suffering from constipation or who have stomach ulcers should eat millet, they can get rid of stomach ulcers and constipation easily.

The phytic acid and niacin contained in millet reduce the cholesterol level. It is also beneficial for people who are suffering from diabetes. Millet also keeps the glucose level adequate.

Also eat millet for good health - Health-Teachers

It also contains fiber, so it should be eaten by those who want to lose weight because it gives a feeling of fullness after eating a small amount, so those who eat it in this way can control their weight. lives in.

Eating millet not only cures acidity but also heart disease. Those women who suffer from iron deficiency should eat millet in different forms.

Instead of taking iron supplements, they should eat millet bread daily. In this way, only 120 grams of millet can provide 70% iron to the said women. Sakti. Women between 18 and 45 years benefit more from eating millet.
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