Boost brain power with strawberries - Health-Teachers

Boost brain power with strawberries - Health-Teachers

Strawberry is a small fruit, which is juicy and soft. Its shape is round and round and its taste is sweet or sour.

It has many types depending on the country. It usually takes place from March to May It attracts people's attention due to its red color and fragrance in spring.

Its juice is extracted and drunk. It is also eaten in ice cream and cakes. It is marinated and kept for a long time.

Recent research has shown that strawberries are beneficial for Alzheimer's disease and heart disease.

Burns calories and fat: The red color of strawberry has fat-burning properties. During the study, when a group of animals was given strawberries with high fat, they lost 24 percent in weight, but the animals that were fed only fat did not lose weight.

From this, it was concluded that those people who want to lose weight should eat strawberries. Strawberries increase memory, which can increase memory in eight weeks.

Relieves inflammation: Eating strawberries reduces high blood pressure and inflammation.

In an experiment, when a group of women was fed 16 or more strawberries per week, their high blood pressure was reduced by 14% and inflammation was also reduced.

Eliminates colon cancerResearch has found that eating dried, but chilled strawberry pods can prevent esophageal cancer.

Removes Aging: Strawberries also contain biotin, which strengthens hair and nails. It also contains antioxidants, which keep our skin tight, we don't age quickly and our face doesn't get wrinkles.

Strawberries contain vitamins A, C, and H (Vitamins A, C, and E), which strengthen the cells, which are less stressed and age quickly.
With this constant food, the sugar in the blood is also under control.

By eating about three bars of strawberries a day, the risk of visual impairment is also eliminated.

Drinking strawberry juice eliminates heartburn and does not cause blood clots in the arteries (usually caused by bad cholesterol). It has a positive effect.

Controls forgetfulness: Recent research has shown that strawberries are a good weapon against forgetfulness. Since strawberries make new brain cells, it strengthens the brain.

Apart from this, it also eliminates the toxic substances in the brain. A study found that people who were 68 years of age or older who ate cold strawberry soup daily for 16 weeks experienced increased brain agility and increased cognitive ability.

Like dried fruits, strawberries are susceptible to insects, so before eating, boil and cool water to wash the strawberries thoroughly.

Instead of buying unripe strawberries, it is better to eat canned strawberries to avoid the risk of disease.
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