Common bean virus can destroy cancer

Common bean virus can destroy cancer

A virus that attacks and damages white beans can be very useful in the treatment of cancer. When the virus was injected into cancerous tumors, it activated the immune system inside and stopped cancer from spreading.

It is called cowpea virus in English. After seven years of research, colleagues at the University of California, San Diego, and Dartmouth College fragmented the virus into nanoparticles. Subjected to cancer immunotherapy, mice and dogs had surprisingly positive effects.

Efforts to elucidate its effects have been published in Molecular Pharmaceutics. Interestingly, it not only penetrates the cancerous tumor and cures it, but also increases its effect inside the body and can repel future cancerous attacks.

Under normal conditions, it targets white bean leaves, but a plant virus can now become a cure for animals and humans and is also harmless to humans under normal conditions.

Common bean virus can destroy cancer

However, many scientists are involved in this work, among which experts in microbiology, nanotechnology, cancer, and biotechnology are worth mentioning.

These findings make cowpea virus nanoparticles the ideal immunotherapy of the future. As soon as its nanoparticles enter the cancerous cells, the body's immune system becomes the enemy of cancer itself. It has been tested on various types of cancer.

When mice were tested for skin, ovarian, breast, colon, and brain cancers, the virus was equally effective in all of them. On the other hand, this virus creates a defensive wave in the whole body against all types of cancer, which is also a very welcome thing.
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