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Diabetes Accelerates Aging and Mental Frailty, Research - Health-Teachers

Diabetes Accelerates Aging and Mental Frailty, Research - Health-Teachers

A research journal called E-Life states that diabetes not only accelerates aging but also accelerates mental aging. This is the reason why the attack of diabetes can be easily prevented and thus it is also possible to avoid many physical diseases.

Experts believe that type 2 diabetes can increase or accelerate the aging process by 26 percent. Our brain has extraordinary capabilities, including working memory, learning, intuition, self-control, and flexible thinking. All of these functions decline with aging, but diabetics show a 7 to 13 percent decline in cognitive processing and other functions.

Another implication is that type 2 diabetes can increase many types of brain degeneration. The experts then took and analyzed brain MRI scans of healthy and diabetic subjects. It was found that gray matter in the brain associated with thinking and anxiety was reduced by 13% in diabetic patients compared to other people.

Diabetes Accelerates Aging and Mental Frailty, Research - Health-Teachers

In this study, both healthy and diseased individuals were of the same age. Thus, a clear link between neurodegeneration and type 2 diabetes has emerged. Then the older the patient is, the more the effect will be. Overall, diabetes accelerates brain aging by 26 percent.

The research was conducted by Dr. Lillian Mojica Parodi of Stony Brook University and her colleagues. He emphasized that diabetes causes physical and structural damage to the brain. Earlier investigations also proved the same and now there is more evidence.

The experts have announced to consider more biomarkers in the next phase and said that in this regard, therapeutic procedures will have to be devised.

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