Diet tips that can accelerate children's growth in height - Health-Teachers

Diet tips that can accelerate children's growth in height - Health-Teachers

Parents' top priority is ensuring their children's healthy development. Children must reach the anticipated growth milestones to develop healthy immune systems and reach their ideal heights. A child's height has a lot to do with his parents' height and the roleplay of genes.

But it is important to understand, that it is not just the genes that can solely decide on the height outcome, but a lot of other factors like Nutritional status of the patient, and the level of physical activity significantly affect the height as well. Dietitian Garima Goyal offers some advice on healthy nutrients to help children develop to their full potential:

(1) Proteins

One of the most crucial nutrients that can significantly accelerate a child's growth phase is protein. It is the muscle building nutrient, important for maintaining and repairing the tissues.

Stunted growth and development can result from a protein deficiency. Look out for protein rich foods like chicken, meat, eggs, lentils, beans etc. The protein in Beans and lentils is shown to increase Growth Hormone-1(IGF-1), which helps increase height.

 (2) Calcium

Diet tips that can accelerate children's growth in height - Health-Teachers

Calcium is necessary for strong, healthy bones. It might be useful in promoting children's and teenagers' growth in terms of height. For enhanced calcium absorption, optimum vitamin D levels are necessary in conjunction with calcium. For meeting these requirements, give your little ones enough dairy products, ragi, sesame seeds along with sufficient sun exposure, at least 15 minutes.

(3) Nutritional Carbohydrates

Children's proper growth requires a positive energy balance, and the main energy-contributing nutrients are carbohydrates. To avoid the occurrence of overweight and obesity in children, it is crucial to pick healthy sources of carbohydrates, particularly complex carbs from whole grains, vegetables and fruits, legumes, etc.
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