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Eating an egg a day can reduce the risk of heart disease - Health-Teachers

Eating an egg a day can reduce the risk of heart disease - Health-Teachers

The egg is useful for the heart or harmful? This is a long debate but now there is some evidence that eating an egg a day is good for the heart and can prevent heart disease. According to a report published in the research journal E-Life, eating an egg a day can be beneficial for the heart.

In this regard, in 2018, research was done on five lakh people in China. It has been found that eating an egg a day reduces biomarkers of heart disease in the body. However, experts asked for more research on it.

Now Peking University scientists have done new research in this field which can be called a survey. They looked at the data of 4,778 people in China's biobank, of which 3,401 had heart disease and the remaining 1,377 were healthy. Using a relatively new technique called 'Targeted Nuclear Magnetic Resonance', the scientists took not one but 225 metabolites (metabolic chemicals) and plasma from their blood.

All these items were distilled from blood. It was found that 24 of the identified metabolites were associated with egg consumption and participants also admitted to eating eggs.

People who ate eggs had more of a protein called apolipoprotein A1, which is the main component of HDL cholesterol and is called 'good' cholesterol. Then the people who did not eat or ate fewer eggs also had less useful metabolites in their body and their abundance was seen in the people who ate eggs.

Thus, 14 such metabolites or chemical components associated with eggs were observed which are beneficial and have the potential to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

After this research, experts have asked the Chinese government to include eggs in the public diet policy. According to him, the majority of Chinese people do not eat even one egg every day, which is very important.

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