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Exercise can stimulate the growth of new veins in diabetic patients

Exercise can stimulate the growth of new veins in diabetic patients

One of the many benefits of exercise is that regular physical activity can create new blood vessels or speed up their growth, especially in diabetes.

We know that the dreaded disease of diabetes affects especially the fine blood vessels. Due to this, the wounds do not heal and vision is affected.

It is now known for the first time that exercise can also help in the formation of new blood cells. That is, exercise can reverse the negative effects of diabetes. The benefits of exercise in diabetes have been reported before. 

Now scientists at the Medical College of Georgia have discovered a link between exercise and the growth of new blood vessels, or angiogenesis. Exosomes play an important role in this entire process.

Exosomes are small and delicate packets that carry biological components from one place to another. Two types of exosomes were observed in them. 

First, is the antioxidants SO3, which normalize the number of reactive oxygen species. and proteins are prominent in signaling. Second, there is a special protein called ATP seon A, and copper atoms are recognized by the cells. Diabetes severely affects both of these exosomes.

When experts began looking at both exercise and exosomes, they discovered that diabetes disrupts the entire system of endothelial cells. These cells form blood vessels and play an important role in the formation of new veins. 

In this context, diabetic rats were run on a treadmill for two weeks, while healthy middle-aged subjects were subjected to moderate-intensity cardio exercise for 45 minutes. The scientists observed that after exercise, the endothelial cells began to receive higher amounts of ATPase A and increased amounts of SOD3 were also observed. 

Apart from this, an acceleration in the inner lining of the veins has also been observed. In this way, it can be said that exercise can create new blood vessels in diabetic patients, which can be very useful.

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