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Less sugar consumption improves health in a few days - Health-Teachers

Less sugar consumption improves health in a few days - Health-Teachers

By the way, everyone likes sweet things and it becomes difficult to stop seeing them, but by reducing the consumption of sugar, health can be improved in just a few days.

This claim has been revealed in a new American medical study.
According to research from the University of California, reducing the amount of sugar in your diet can dramatically improve your health in just nine days.

In the research, it has also been said that do not eat more food or lose weight, but a significant reduction of sugar is enough to improve health.

During this study, obese people were evaluated and reduced the amount of sugar in their diet, and within two weeks, a significant reduction in blood pressure and cholesterol was observed.

Researchers say that sugar is harmful to the body's metabolism, which is not only because of the calories it contains but because of its burden on the body.

According to research, reducing sugar intake can reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome, a cluster of symptoms that increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.

This syndrome also leads to high blood pressure, high blood glucose levels, accumulation of extra fat on the waist, and an increase in cholesterol levels.

The study found that reducing sugar intake lowered blood pressure and cholesterol levels, improved liver function, and reduced insulin levels by a third.

During this study, the amount of sugar in the volunteers' diet was reduced from 28% to 10%, and a short.

Over time, there was a significant decline in their health. The research was published in the medical journal Journal Obesity.

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