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Mobile Computers Responsible for Younger Sleep Disorders Health-Teachers

Mobile Computers Responsible for Younger Sleep Disorders

Mobile phones have become the shadow of the internet man. There is hardly any child of the present generation who has not used a mobile phone. The mobile phone has become a necessity for every human being.

Many people cannot imagine life without it. Without going into the debate about whether it is necessary or not, we will talk about its effects, which are especially seen in young people.

As a result, the body clock within the adolescent becomes disorganized and this situation affects the adolescent's sleepA recent study claims that this drastic decrease in sleep has not been seen before the current generation.

Today's boy sleeps late, wakes up repeatedly at night, and is often seen in a drowsy state during the day.

I am Bharti. Research from the University of Montreal has shown that today's generation relies heavily on social media, which can be seen in the change in the body clock. And the more they use the Internet, the more sleep they experience or the duration of it decreases.

Mobile Computers Responsible for Younger Sleep Disorders

We cannot exclude electronic media from the lives of young people, and we have to be realistic about it. Jennifer Offline, the author of the article General Sleep Health and a researcher at the University of Montreal, says that today's electronic media is in every area of ​​life.

Therefore, the preoccupation of the younger youth has increased greatly in the form of video games, TV, and phonesIn this regard, the University of Montreal made a questionnaire to 1200 young people aged 14 to 16, in which data was extracted regarding sleep duration and social media, including the use of mobile phones.

In this questionnaire, high school students said that they study at home. They don't spend as much time at work as they do on-screen activities.

According to researchers, teenagers who spent 2 hours a day on video games and computers saw an 11- to 17-minute reduction in sleep and more.

The duration of sleep deprivation of those who spent time was also more. The boys who spent two hours talking on the telephone had three times more sleep, and those who watched TV had less than eight hours of sleep. Came.

In comparison, the sleep duration of those who studied or had any hobbies or activities other than the TV screen was only 8 hours.

Cristina Kala Maro says that sleep is essential for children's development.
Mobile Computers Responsible for Younger Sleep Disorders

According to Cristina, who works as a research director at DuPont Children's Hospital in Delaware, a lack of sleep can lead to depression in young people or their concentration. Attention loss begins.

Weight gain has also been observed in such young people. Christina says that the solution to this problem is for parents to be role models for children. Spend on the phone.

Parents must set a regular sleep schedule for their children. On the other hand, Jennifer Offline says that parents should check on children's activities throughout the day, especially when they are sitting in front of the computer or TV.

If suffering from lack of sleep, talk to them openly about the problem and minimize the use of mobile phones, television, and computers.

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