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New baldness drug yields promising results - Health-Teachers

New baldness drug yields promising results - Health-Teachers

Millions of baldness sufferers around the world will soon be able to quickly regain hair loss in a matter of months with the use of a drug. A recent study of a twice-daily pill found that four out of 10 people had nearly all of their hair regrow within six months.

However, the lead scientist behind the invention did not expect the drug to benefit people who have lost hair due to aging. Alopecia is the medical term used for hair loss. This condition occurs when the body attacks its own healthy hair follicles.

Made by an American pharmaceutical company, this drug works by weakening the immune response. Although other pharmaceutical companies are also experimenting with medicines to prevent

But currently, there is no definitive cure for it due to rapid hair loss, this disease can cause low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety in people. The latest trial looked at 706 people with Belchers between the ages of 18 and 65 from the US, Canada, and Europe for 24 weeks.

The participants were divided into three groups, one was given a placebo, the second group was given an 8 mg pill twice a day, and the third group was given a 12 mg dose twice a day. The drug is named CTP 543 and is manufactured by Concert Pharmaceutical Company.

The researchers reported that the 8 mg and 12 mg groups saw higher rates of hair regrowth than the placebo group. At the start of the study, only 16 percent of the participants had hair on their heads.

But by the end of the study, 41.5 percent of people in the highest-strength dose group had more than 80 percent hair regrowth. Adverse effects of this drug were seen in less than 5 percent of patients, with the most common side effects including headache, rash, and infections.

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